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Last thing you did in a game?

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Beat Penumbra Requiem.
And I thought the other parts were crazy. Requiem was just crazy disappointing.

Then I beat Bioshock 2 to keep the crazy rolling. At least the (good) ending for that was a hell of a lot more satisfying than the first one.

@SirBryghtside: You can actually talk to Veronica once you get back.
It's a pretty.... disappointing conversation, but you can get a perk out of it.

Beat the Imperial Questline in Skyrim. This is my longest file, adding up to 88 hours so far. Only got Main Quest to finish off and then I'm ready for Dawnguard :D

L.A. Noire has taught me that I'm rather hit-and-miss when it comes to reading people's faces.

That, and the 40's are even worse than is remembered.

Beat Honest Hearts. Didn't... really like it, the tribes weren't developed enough for me to really care about what happened to them, and it was much too short. But I've heard Old World Blues is awesome mixed with brown sauce on toast, so I've got that to look forward to.

Playing Civ 5 with a couple of friends.

Turns out I somehow manage to suck extremely badly in the beginning, and one of my friends is just raping everyone with his sheer production in his capital city.

He's build pretty much every single world wonder except for the Great Wall, but even then that was just for lulz.

@SirBryghtside: lol Bethesda's being a dick

Completed awesome mixed with brown sauce on toast. So stoked to play Lonesome Road now.

@Portal: Yup. Can't say I wasn't expecting it, though. Jerks.

Edit: I feel sorry for Runnn.

Oh boy. Adbots have invaded our surprisingly untouched haven here. Time to break out the profile-report to defend our land!

LA Noire. Completing all the cases up to 5-star ratings. Dear god, was I oblivious to half of what was going on >.>
Plus, I've already raked up over 40 hours of that game. I just love it so much D:

@SirBryghtside: Prepare for the beginning of the end.

And I don't feel sorry for him. But I think he's more of a humane and respectable adbot than the others, to be honest. He's never even once come in here, as if he's only doing his job and legitimately not wanting to disturb people doing their own thing.

Of course, I could be wrong, and if he does come in here I'll profile-report his sorry ass the second I see it.

Oh god what is this layout doing to Warcry?! /melodramatic

OT: I really need to get into a game. I've been sitting on my ass bored bouncing between TV Tropes, 1d4chan, 4chan (/v/ and /tg/), and webcomics. Not that those are bad, but I feel like I could be spending my time more constructively (relatively speaking, of course).

Took a break from New Vegas to play through Bastion. Not the best game ever, but still, really good. Wish it was a little longer, though.

@Portal: But he looks so lonely :<

Warcry has been updated! This is weird.

OT: Pratted about on Dustbowl

Tried playing Pox Nora, Angry Birds, Animal Crossing, Pokemon Black, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Warlords Battlecry 2 at the same time across 6 machines. It went alright although some of those were done in a few actions. Either way, nice to have all 3 of my computers open.

And now to go play Viva Pinata.

Beat Lonesome Road. End fight was a little anticlimactic, but that seems to be a Fallout staple at this point. I liked it.

Also, going on holiday for the next 10 days, so... bye.

I managed to get the rapey-est item combo in the Binding of Isaac.

Polyphemus to get the max damage
Odd Mushroom for maximum rate of fire
The Book of Shadows to have protection in ultra-hard rooms
And to top it all off, Technology.

That's right. I had a laser eye with maximum rate of fire at maximum damage that shoots across the entire room. I took down Mom in easily 15 seconds, and managed to defeat Satan without any trouble at all :3

And obligatory Dawnguard reference of frustration since I realized all of my old saves have been corrupted due to modding issues.

Playing a bunch of old games I haven't played in years, such as House of the Dead, Dark Vengeance, and Chex Quest.

Now for Diablo 1 and Jazz Jackrabbit.

All I shall say about Dawnguard:

SOOOOO glad that I protected myself from the spoilers. Probably the most I've thanked myself since.... well... ever :D

Dawnguard. Just started the quest where you go to find the priest, good so far. Get the feeling it's going to take a while to pick up, but that when it does... can't wait.

I kept away from spoilers too, somehow - only one was from my jerk XBox friend who told me that one of the characters was

Luckily I stopped him from explaining his entire character backstory, assuming I'd heard it before >.>

Some moar Dawnguard. Playing my strictly no fast-travel thief character (no, not even carriages). I found the Daedric Greatsword by sheer luck! I stashed it onto the mantel of my Riften house as soon as I could.

Also joined the vampires for that character. Still not very far with them.
All I'll say about Vampire Lord: Harkon is completely right about what he says.

@SirBryghtside: Play harder! We need to nerd-gasm over all of the spoilers! D:

More Dawnguard, spoilers ahoy!

@Portal: Your no fast travel character is what I've been doing since day one on all three ;)

The usual. I think I'm going to go try something new. Thankfully I got a good amount of errands done this summer. Not sure how to spend the next 2 weeks.

Skyrim Dawnguard blah blah blah

Vampire Lord is fun as hell Yadda yadda yadda

@SirBryghtside: I'm in the Soul Cairn at this very moment..... and I just noticed there's a planetary body in the sky.

Spoiler alert: Jiub's been a badass since day 1 of Morrowind. This is just reminding everyone of that :3

And I must admit, I'm a bit spoiled for starting my Elder Scrolls with Oblivion.... not that I can't enjoy Morrowind or anything.

Cured vampirism, because no one in the Dawnguard would talk to me. Annoying, I was really hoping there'd be some cool bonus stuff for that.

Also got my act together and finally smithed the full Daedric set. Still need to enchant it, but unless another DLC comes out with the Fists of Randagulf, I'm set for gear forever.

Moar Skyrim.

I've learned that pretty much half of all of the Daedric quests start/take part in Markarth :V


I'm using it, and I damn well love it <3

It REALLY makes getting full Ebony/Glass a true end-game thing, and the full Daedric is just mind-boggling to get. I've only found a Daedric Greatsword and Bow (which I can't even knick off of the guy yet since it's such a hard-to-get item D:)

Got to the Vale.

@Portal: Awesome. Little late for this set of characters, but that sounds like a great mod :D

Tried playing the new Team Fortress 2 game mode. Item servers are down. The shop server is down. The official servers are down.

Saw it coming but still disappointed.

Played League of Legends, surprisingly (very new to it) :o

And what can I say? Cho'Gath is awesome :3
Even moreso considering I was actually the MVP of the ENTIRE server :D

@SirBryghtside: The Vale is the single greatest part of the entire DLC, in my opinion.

dat architecture
dem secret-ish items
dose enemies


Completed Dawnguard, fracking awesome. Going to have to try out the Vampire questline now, should be great :D

@Portal: Agreed. Love the fact that the boss can be beaten with Unrelenting Force :P

Moar Skyrim. Level 45 now with my vampire Khajiit. Still need to find the bow for the vampurrs and restore the Thieve's Guild to full strength. Just started with the Dark Brotherhood and the College, too, since I decided to ultimately try to for the first time ever get all 24 of Barenziah's gems.

But more importantly, I've been steeping myself in the lore again on the UESP. I didn't know Pelinal was such a dick, nor that there were so many varieties of Khajiit :o

Making potions on Morrowind after having OD'd on Skyrim. This character's fun, but really want to try out a stealth sometime soon.

@Portal: I thought the Khajiit moon phases thingy was pretty well known?

Surprise surprise! Skyrim!
Almost done with the College now, just need to get through the Labyrinthian bit.

And I've also realized that killing Paarthurnax is, unfortunately, what needs to be done for the good of the Empire :c

@SirBryghtside: Let's just say that Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim don't imply much (unless you read every single book in the game), and the lore of the series is just too much to read it ALL.

It's just been binges for me in certain areas. I just got to Khajiit :P

Annual birthday completion of Portal - forgot how short it was, I powered through in just over an hour :O

@Portal: Paarthurnax is voiced by Mario. FEEL TWICE AS BAD.

Woah, this place is all abandoned and mod-less. It is kind of cool. O.o

I played some Orcs Must Die. I figure I should get around to five-skulling the first game before getting the second to extend the orc-killing fun.

Nearly a decade ago my PS2 stopped working. Miraculously, I'm now playing Sims Bustin' Out.


Oh well. They'll obviously all be gone within a week. Because lawlattentionspan.

EDIT: Oh yeah, fired up Morrowind on a new character. Trying out a mage character.
.... I didn't realize magicka doesn't regenerate over time like in Oblivion and Skyrim >.>

@SirBryghtside: But the Blades NEED to be restored to full strength again! They're the Empire's most effective, and best, weapon!

Plus, I found out that the Dovahkiin is actually the last dragonborn.
So if Paarthurnax were to, say, fuck shit up the moment he died, there'd be nothing to be done about it.


I knew about this site for a long time now. Months actually.

Although this is probably the earliest I've mentioned WarCry that I can remember.

My first ever post.

OT: It was a while back, probably learning Soul Tear 3 in Skyrim.

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