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I beat the Elite Four.
..... In Diamond.

The thing I hate most about Diamond/Pearl is the fucking level jump between 8th badge and Elite Four.
It's only 15-20 levels of increase from the last trainer you fight prior to it

StarCraft: Brood War - managed to do mission 7 of Zerg after ragequitting twice. Still got around 7 missions left to do before I'm done...

@Portal: Yeah, I managed to do a clean run of Diamond until Cynthia my first time, where it just became impossible. New games are really easy by contrast, because of some weird system with the Exp. Share my party of 6 is consistently 5-10 levels higher than everyone.

Beat 'em. Off to the island now.

Stark Mountain HO!

@SirBryghtside: Is it giving your entire party shared EXP or something

Because that sounds stupid

Beat Brood War, meaning I've played through all of StarCraft so far. Damn good game, nice to see the little bonus mission that goes to show that 2's plot was definitely in the plans, even that far back.

And it only took me 13 years!

@Portal: Yep. I'm pretty sure it gives 50% of the standard exp to every party member. Just crazy.

I did some of that League of Draven thing again

Jarvan + Veigar bot lane surprisingly resulted in sodomization for the enemy

@SirBryghtside: hwat


Yeah, he was great :D weirdest thing about him was how he joined in 2003, which made him seem really legit. I actually tried digging into his IRL history on the internet and it actually came up with some worrying results...

Anyways, I've been here since forever so I'll just say FeNinja, Joe, Ultrajoe, Nivag, MaxTheReaper, NoMoreSanity, Furburt, Hubilub, PurpleRain, pimppeter2 (wherever the hell he is), Fanboy, Cheese Pavilion, the Darths and cantfakethefunk and be on my way.

Oh, and DVS has nothing on Hankman :P

I don't even get an honorable mention?!

Pray tell, why do you intend to inflict such injurious harm upon my ego? D:

In a Blizzard mood, so did the entire Human campaign for WarCraft 3 in a couple of hours. Damn that was shorter than it used to be as a kid.

@Portal: FTFY

Protip: playing PvP games as extremely squishy characters when you're at 180 ping isn't exactly recommended

@SirBryghtside: Kawaii~~ <3

Some more WarCraft 3, now halfway through the Orc campaign - still got a ways to go. I should really get back to playing Pokémon Y...

The Harrowing has begun.
>mystery gift friend 100% random skin, get Jarvan skin
>receive mystery gift from same friend, get Jarvan skin
>receive second mystery gift from another friend..... get Jarvan skin


Also I restarted Heart Gold, took Chikorita because I felt like it, then decided to slap that bitch in my PC and nab myself a Mareep and pretend that's my starter
Then got a Wooper

I broke VVVVVV by exploiting a glitch that apparently doesn't work anymore. I apparently have 3 crewmembers left to save, all of which I've already found - impossible to fix, but I kinda like it how it is :P I'll restart, eventually...

I found out I can't get a Vulpix in Heart Gold


I'm back onto StarCraft 2 multiplayer and still doing badly - starting to actually realise what I'm doing badly though, which is helping. New season happens in 5 days, hoping I can train up before then.

Also broke up with my girlfriend of over a year. One of those 'we need some time apart but there's a good chance we'll get back together at some point' deals that always happens on TV but that I never thought would actually happen to me. It's weird.

I played.... I think it's called a Cards Against Humanity? I played that with a group of friend last night and holy tits did that get funny.

One of my favorites: The meaning of life is A big-breasted 14-year-old sucking on a popsicle

@SirBryghtside: How long until the cast comes off? :P

Finally replaying Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Gods damn, I always knew this game had a lot of depth but I'm only now starting to realise just how much - I just did the police station mission, which was one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of my original run, by yelling at Haas for a bit and then just waltzing around the station to hack a few computers and pick up the chip. I think it's gaining a few notches in my 'games of all time' list.

@Portal: No idea! :P

Oh god
Sooooooo much Terraria
I'm pretty sure I set back the global GDP by about $1 million
Just from how much time I wasted playing it

But my base looks so pretty now

@SirBryghtside: I'd ask you if Director's Cut is worth $5, but it seems like you haven't even finished the game at all :V

Also congrats on finally getting into one of my all-time favorite games of modern days

@TopazFusion: What's your bitch-ass ass doing in my turf, bitch?




@Portal: So far it's been exactly the same except for the first boss fight, which is slightly improved over the original - now, instead of shooting at him with your 10mm pistol from behind cover on a stealth run, you can crawl into a vent and shoot at him with your 10mm pistol.

@Topaz: I'll take him complaining at me over that again any day :P

I played my first 5s game against actual people as Kassadin ever

Went a helluva lot better than I anticipated. Went 15/8/12, and was pretty much insta-killing anyone I blinked onto and used all my spells on

It was beautiful

@SirBryghtside: So it sounds boring and totally not worth buying myself


Bought Rayman Legends in the sale, played it for like 2 hours. Apart from having to boot through UPlay through Steam, it's really awesome - not as difficult as the first from what I've seen, but I've only beaten the first stage so who knows. Has one hell of a lot of content too - and I really feel like I want to get through it all :D

Also, next Fallout game's engine beta test is going to be announced soon probably. Yay

A combo between Deus Ex Human Revolution (replaying it for totally different reasons I promise) and Minceraft

Restarted my world and have been building up from scratch. Died when I found my first diamonds, COMPLETELY forgot where the cave was, fell into a ravine (that wasn't at all near the cave), pillared out using some gravel I found, then barely found the right cave in time to somehow get all my shit back
dat adrenaline bro

For Doos Sex, I'm mostly just grabbing the 5 or so achievements I've yet to get, while also doing a shoot-em-up Jensen that's super-angry about his augmentations so he fucks up a lot of his speech challenges and such
Really interesting way to play the game, I tell ya hwat

@SirBryghtside: A month: the new soon

Back on Deus Ex, beat up Federova. Slightly less frustrating this time round because there was a convenient terminal to hack which booted up some convenient turrets.

Off to low polygons on the original Doos Ex for me

Just now am about to make the big decision before leaving the US

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Started this around a week ago, and the free boosters somehow gave me 4 Meloetta EXs, one of which was Full Art. Kinda had to make a Round deck after that, and even though I'm still missing like a fifth of the deck, it works ridiculously well.

Reading Song of Fire & Ice (fuck you it's totes a game)

Got to the Red Wedding

Knew what was coming

Chapter immediately following it though


Team Fortress 2, playing Pyro. Decided to switch Reserve Shooter for Flare Gun.

Suddenly, I'm good at Team Fortress 2.

I spent an embarrassing amount of money on mystery skins, half of which I won't even be using because I already have better skins for the same champ >.>

Got to the Missing Link bit in Human Revolution. Director's Cut had hilariously seamless integration which led to a flashback to an earlier point in the same cutscene :P

Doos Secks. Just got through the submarine lab thingy. Headed off to deal with Area 51 soonish.

@SirBryghtside: You able to find a video of it? Sounds like something I gotta see :3

Also that DLC is alright from what I remember

Played through FEZ after picking it up in that there steam sale. It was a lot of fun, but 100%ing it just seems like a walkthrough fest... don't really feel like pushing it any further. Oh well.

@Portal: All the Director's Cut playthroughs cut out before that part, but it's pretty much this:

Followed up directly with this:

Seamless :P

Doing the League of Draven some moar.

Turns out Sorakah + Sona is a very surprising combo from the pits of hell that sodomizes literally everyone

@SirBryghtside: Brilliant. 10/5

8 hours straight of Rayman Legends (it's almost 6 am right now) to 100% it. Still haven't got all the achievements or the characters, but I did get all the collectibles and trophies - the last character is just a grind to get anyway. I think I need sleep :P

Firing up DX:HR:ML because yes, I am that desperate for a meaty game. Dark Souls II canNOT come out soon enough.

Plan to be doing a bunch of it tonight, probably all of it.
Finally going to do that no augment or weapon achievement run :3

Beat Human Revolution. That last 'boss fight' still sucks :(

Still, got the Pacifist achievement somehow. Now I can do another run where I actually use the rocket launchers and assault rifles :D

Also, Moar excellent Missing Link integration

Beat the Missing Link just like I said. Got the special hard achievement.

5th game I've got that's 100%'d now ^.^

@SirBryghtside: Let me guess

Post-Missing Link praxis refund?

Beat some random guy online in Hearthstone. Only got into the beta a few hours ago, so I've barely gotten anywhere... basic mechanics are ridiculously simplistic to learn, and I've got some idea of how to play optimally (partly thanks to my experience with Magic the Gathering). First deck is Mage with all the Taunt creatures I own, plus some Battle Cry damagers - turns out that's the Hearthstone version of a control deck, and I feel like I need some more high mana cards to make it all worth it. The game seems decent enough so far, think I prefer it to the other online card games (Pokémon TCGO deckbuilding leaves no room for messing around, and MTGO looks like it has the most ridiculous online store in gaming, where online boosters will cost you the same price as real ones).

@Portal: Yep. You don't get your items back though, so I spent the last couple of missions just missing my Tranq Rifle :(

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