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Last thing you did in a game?

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Pokemon, but I was being driven for a few hours so it was justified.

Pokemon is always justified.

Last thing I did was get killed in Fuzion Frenzy 2 in a water puzzle.

Last thing i did was a "For The Horde" With 2 40 man raid groups was really fun alliance was raging and coming on horde to tell us to stop :DD

I'm too busy with college to play video games.

Or more accurately, I'm too scared of being late to stuff to get involved with something for too long.
Edit: And now I've played Warlords Battlecry 2.

Created a Fire Prism armada on Dawn of War.

Endless hilarity.

Still Warlords Battlecry 2. Might try some Roller Coaster Tycoon or Pokemon, though.

I rage too much at Guild Wars...

good actually took me a while to recall....but the last thing i did in a game was a 20 minute battle with diablo in diablo was crazy i burned him with my last swing as i was running through my port door...( tx scotty )....later i found out i was definately not at the specific lvl to do so.....wahoo....besides the pool of sweat i was sitting in it was awesome....just like some of the sweat pools ive been in here healing a fellowship with my minnie....the only thing that saved me was going in with 3 full bags of healing potions.

And now I want to play Diablo 2.

OT: Pokemon. As usual. Gotta get ready for B/W.

TF2, crafted a Fancy Fedora and went round as Dead Ringer spy.

Still Pokemon. Pretty much just Roller Coaster Tycoon, Pokemon, Warlords Battlecry 2, and Guild Wars for the next few months.

Surfing on TF2.

In Akai.

...How long have I been from TF2?
Or did you mean skimming servers?

OT: Trying to get Chingling with Shadow Ball and Shock Wave. Had to breed it from a Kadabra, which took like 3 chainbreeds.

I've got a new mount, new items at my home and new stuff for my character.. Everything is new.

I beat the Dasha Vestibule mission on HM with my Mesmer in Guild Wars. And no rage was involved.

I redecorated my home at my home system in AO ^^ and it's really fun!

Random games on Warlords: Battlecry 2. My high elf sucks...

MANN-conomy update on TF2 has been keeping me busy.

Same, to a degree.
Also Guild Wars and Pokemon.

I bought a premium items but nothing happened.. I've got a bunch of crap items.. It's not my day..

Speaking of items, nothing interesting has dropped in my TF2.

Had to make the new items from scratch.

They released the info on the transfer of achievements between GW1 and GW2. Apparently I've been wasting my time the last year or so...

3-0 win on Badlands.

Sneaky Medic caps are always good.

Still Guild Wars stuff. I don't wanna fight NOX again...

FINALLY got around to taking out all 33 of the cameras in Portal.

Also, Escapist's down, nothing to do. You two have a pillow fort set up here yet, or do we I need to buy Minecraft for that type of witty construction?

We have 3 pillow forts. No girls allowed.

OT: Maguuma Jungle is a hell of a drug. *Starts laughing*

How about we merge them into a pillow fortress?

I got Axtinguished by a Pyro. My GRU can't save me now D:

We're out of the Highlander. Kind of a bummer.

Sorry guys, been reading Halolz for so long I'm tired of most jokes related to TF2(also Pokemon, SSB, and L4D).

No peelz around here then. Never mind.

Lobbied on tf2.

Still grinding stuff for GW2. When I'm done I think I'll start something to help other GW Escapist players with it.

Uhhh............ I think it was being a Heroic Demoknight on zombiefortress.
Good times. Spawncamping on the single most survivor-one sided map ever.

Next time ought to be in the 2200's from Vegas! :D

Hoping to get New Vegas soon.

My Dad was addicted to Fallout 3 so I'm sure he'll get a game too.

Screw all of you and your "new games!" I'm going to go grind play me some Guild Wars, then contemplate suicide.

Good. That means I might get your things :P

I got killed by two (I think) Ghouls. After walking about 1/3 of the map. Without any saves along the way.

That's why you take a bus.

I got my Paragon to the infusion place in Guild Wars, hopefully the Mursaat won't rape me anymore.

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