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Last thing you did in a game?

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Went through the first Medal of Honor.

Using the bazooka.

*tears of nostalgia.

I do believe I killed a super mutant that was killing Brahmin.
Then I got paid in steak. Delicious Brahmin steak.


Halloween stuff in Guild Wars. I guess it's good for faction.

I should probably stop procrastinating.

@Portal Maniac: is Fallout New Vegas any good?

Last thing I did in a game? Your mother More Guild Wars because I love mixing things up from the usual.

Oh fuck all, over 8 hours of New Vegas straight RAPES my mind.......

I THINK I royally fucked over one of the pro/an-tagonists (depending on how you play) from ruling Vegas without any opposition at all.

@orangebandguy: If by good you mean it-will-swallow-your-soul-if-you-can-put-up-with-some-bugs, then VERY. Good god, over 25 hours logged into it already, and it's not even been a week since release.

@Portal Maniac: Nice.

Me and my dad were both addicted to Fallout 3 so getting it won't be much of a problem.

OT: I killed some people in tf2 with the sniper.

@orangebandguy: You two will love it then. (Just checked, 36 hours actually :L) After all that time, I STILL haven't even explored half of the Mojave yet.
Also, as SOON as you get into Freeside (the poor parts of New Vegas), head straight to the Atomic Wrangler, talk to the man behind the desk, and get to work on the quest he has to give.

I know that feeling of being consumed by a game. A few years ago I did the math and found that Guild Wars had taken 1/6 of the time period since I had bought it. And I had bought it for a few years then.

@oppp7: Holy shit, that is a long time.
Avoid Minecraft then if you have a good imagination. Otherwise it'll be worse than heroin-laced crack-laced gambling-laced orgasms.

@Portal Maniac: I'm normally attracted to games that have reward systems. I need to feel like I get something out of my games.

OT: Attempting Battle for Lion's Arch on the 3rd character. Why the hell did I let myself go with a minion heavy build? Failure...

Day of Defeat Source for me today.

Sniping on Avalanche as Axis is the best.

Never played that game, despite having it. Is it good?

I started a new character on New Vegas.

Can y'all say redheaded bisexual girl that will hump anything that moves and looooooves guns?

@oppp7: It is stupidly difficult for beginners.

But if you get into it, it can be good.

@Portal Maniac: Redneck?

@orangebandguy: This sounds like Counterstrike. Interesting game but I'm horrible at it.

It's got elements of CSS and TF2.

It's very much a learn quickly or die game.

Uhh...... I was dicking around on the new file in New Vegas. Somehow managed to get all the way to the Great Kahns camp without dying @___@

@oppp7: Nah. I was going for erotic. Lotta people like redheads, bisexual for all aboard, promiscuous for obvious reasons, and a gun nut to draw in the boys.

@Portal Maniac: I guess, but I keep imagining redneck...

OT: Tonight was a fun night. Failure-ful but fun.
First I tried to hero UW, which went as well as expected. Then I tried farming slabs of granite outside the Sanitarium (no slabs dropped the first time and the second time the mobs completely changed species for no reason), and finally tried farming Arborstone, which went surprisingly well. All 3 things were using my own builds.

Overall it gave me more to talk about than a month's worth of farming PvX stuff.

And yes, I'm aware none of you understood that.

I got my Mansion in-game and I'm so busy to decorate it.. Whooooooosshhh!

Got my black widow pet for the Hall of Monuments, a ton of halloween bags, beat Zinn's Task on my 'sin, and beat a few of those War in Kryta things.

Scream Fortress Halloween update!

Keeping me busy.

I missed the last one, so I might as well miss another...

All the good hats will be gotten already anyways.

OT: Guild Wars again. Maybe I should stop. I seem to be developing a problem.

Went exploring. Found a lot of shit on the south-eastern side of the map. Including Mire Lakelurks.

@orangebandguy: I can't decide to play that or more of New Vegas tonight. Is the update good?

Still doing GW stuff. I might try that boss thing on TF2 when I get done.

Unfortunately I'm going to that Colbert thing Saturday, so it'll eat up a lot of my time.

@Portal: The new maps are horrible, and the rewards are too rare and far between to reap effectively.

Hm, maybe I won't play it then.

I explored even more in New Vegas.
Found two new Vaults.
One of which is the single most evil thing that Vault-Tec has ever produced.

@orangebandguy: Ah. Seems it won't be a waste to not play it then.
The Demo's sword is totally a waste of metal, though.

Done with Guild Wars for the night. Been doing that, webcomics, the Escapist, and college crap for the last few weeks. Maybe going out tomorrow is a good thing?

Feh, outside is overrated.

I did so much. So fucking much.

Top bid definitely goes to fucking Benny though XD

@oppp7: Birds are so OP. God should nerf them :P

I died a horrible, horrible death in Crash Bandicoot.
I'm sorry little buddy!

Warlords Battlecry 2. Dark dwarves are crazy imbalanced.

I did major plot spoilers for New Vegas.

Also got to doing ED-E's little quest thingy. He's got a better laser gun now :D

@Dr.susse: Was it one of the older Bandicoot games?

@SirBryghtside: OOOOOOOOOOOOLD!!!!

I made a fuckload of Throwing Axemen and killed everything.
(AoE II)

No video games today since I went to Colbert's thing today. Had a shitty time, to tell you the truth. WAY too many people there so I had to watch it on the screen, AKA I went 4-5 hours to DC, stood for like 3 hours in obscenely crowded conditions, just to do what I could have done had I stayed home in comfortable settings.

Maybe going out tomorrow is a good thing?

Feh, outside is overrated.

I should have followed that instinct.

Although I learned an important lesson today, that weed smells fucking terrible and I have no idea how people can stand it (No I didn't try it).

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