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Last thing you did in a game?

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Nothing.. because the servers are down for maintenance.. Wakekekekekek!

Got some random item in tf2.

In my main menu screen O_O

Hm.... What did I do.....

THAT'S right! Worked on my trial-version-of-Minecraft stuff!
Starting work on a hell now.

@orangebandguy: I.....

@Portal: I will launch a crusade immediately! The fiend behind this crime must be found!

Various New Vegas things.
Siding with Yes Man this time.

@orangebandguy: Or, you know.......

You could spread your immense wealth with the more poor and more Irish people.....

@Portal: I could give them all away... ;)

Or I could get more. Which is the most likely option? ^^

@orangebandguy: The one that's in the middle, but still very close to the latter?

@Portal: I need more hats for myself.

I am back to 1 scrap metal! :(

I'm still going through HL2 - just look at my profile's Steam section :P

And I got a car, by being insanely dangerous on a bridge. And my cat climbed onto the desk and sniffed the Vortigaunt.

Fun times ;P

Working in Freecraft to make Hell.
It's pretty good so far, actually.

@orangebandguy: And how many hats? 18 or so? :/

@SirBryghtside: SPOILARS D:<

@orangebandguy: 30. 22 if you only count the class-specific true hats.

I'd say you have plenty of hats to spare, as opposed to my 14/6.

@Portal: Must... resist... urge... to... give... away... ending... of... Episode... 2...

@Portal: I have no hats to give away.

You are sadly mistaken :P

Beat New Vegas for siding with Yes Man.
I wish I told Lily to take her medicine.....

@SirBryghtside: Do so and you'll never see me in the same TF2 server. Say goodbye to that help you'd be getting.

@orangebandguy: How about a deal. You want a full set of Halloween masks, yes? OCD like me?
How about Scout, Soldier, and Demoman masks for your two hatless ones?

@Portal: Why don't I just, you know, put it in this spoiler? The most tantalising of things for any Escapist user, and yet if you click it, you will never forgive yourself...

@Portal: What?
Holiday hats are next to worthless!

@orangebandguy: Check back in a few months when new players aren't able to get them or others want to complete their set.
Their greed will overcome their patience quickly.

@Portal:I'm keeping my hats, and have just got another one.

Handyman's handle. Enjoy ;)
Click at your own risk

@orangebandguy: Oh sod off

[ESC]Portal Maniac has committed suicide

Escapist Highlander match on TF2.

I killed 3 newbies in just one spell ^_^

Pick on the new people? xD

You mean person. ^^

"Gee willikers! My new Chuck Norris file on New Vegas sure is fun! I'll make my way to-"



I hate it when mods don't work. ^^

Tried to install Tf2 on my laptop. Damn thing took 3 hours.

Only 3 hours? Lucky you, mine took six. :O

The damn wireless will only work if you right next to the router.

Typical BT I guess.

I shot some bloody idiots outside Novac.

Stupid NCR Rangers :L

I have no idea why Steam games make my router reset itself when I play wireless.

I raged quit

I raged quit

Hahaha why?


I raged quit

Hahaha why?

Noobtubers in Black ops

Got done with Guild Wars for a few weeks over my vacation, so mostly Pokemon and Warlords again.


@oppp7: That sounds like you will have quite a GW binge. ^^

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