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Last thing you did in a game?

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That sucks man.

Similar thing happened when I went to a games convention, too crowded. ~~

Hopefully next year's Otacon won't be crowded the first few days. If the last day of this year's Otacon is any indication, it won't be.

OT: Guild War's Halloween thing. Cat ears fuck yes!

Got some masks on Tf2.

Still halloween.

I'm interrogating a Legion prisoner! :D

@orangebandguy: Don't you have enough hats?
*cries and clutches to his handfull of hats*

@Portal: I have about 27 I think.

Not sure.

Fail Spy is fail lolololololol

@SirBryghtside: So far, the end of Half Life 1.

@orangebandguy: You make me feel like Zoidberg.....

Warlords Battlecry 2. Whoop de do, mixin' it up...

Played a few rounds of dod_anzio.

Had our fair share of wins and losses.

Kicking names and taking ass.
.......... Wait, what?

Actually, I was just on Mann Manor and took a few more masks to my collection. Only need Pyro and Demoman masks for Sackston Hale :D

Ugh, been doing homework and various internet shit for the last few hours. Haven't played since this morning...


..... Those are the sounds of being raped to death by Deathclaw Denmothers.

Generic Warlords malarky. Gotta get back to Guld Wars...

Just finished the ending of New Vegas where I side with Mr. House and his RAPEBOT 9000'S Securitrons.

Quite satisfactory, if I do say so myself.

Did a DoA run in Guild Wars. Got a few gemstones and cleared Ravenheart. It was awesome.

Died because someone took the next quest in Foundry too early though.

Tf2, just playing for items.

Tried another DoA run, this time it went through the entire place. Got a shitload of great stuff.

I just sided with the Brotherhood of Steel.
There's gonna be some shooting :)

No sentries in melee-only matches of TF2, you say?

@Dr.susse: How did you do that? I've wanted to do that but can't figure out how :/

Today I've completed Zinn's Task and run to another place for his trial, and now I'm dicking around in Talmark for the WiK to become active.

Couple of rounds in dod_anzio, dod_kalt and finally dod_flash.

Rocket is my new favourite class, the carbine he gets is SWEET.

Also today I beat the entire WiK on my Mesmer. I feel awesome.

And then I started finishing up Prophecies on my Necro. Would have gone farther but my hand hurts from playing all day.

I MIGHT have finally found a way to, you know, NOT destroy the BoS in New Vegas.

Which is a massive relief, since I've loathed myself for having no choice but to do that the last two runthroughs.

...I don't think any of us understand what the others are talking about anymore.

@oppp7: It's the Internet. What did you expect? :P

The Escapist folks have gone back.

Kind of figured it would be a short lived revival.

@orangebandguy: Well, I tried.

Now there is a mostly-dead site and a usergroup to go with it.

I preferred the quietness to be honest.

"Oh boy! I love this quest! I get to go to Vault-"

@orangebandguy: Ah, but when does quietness become silence is the question.

@Portal: Not while I am here.

I decorated my mansion... It's really cool! You wanna see it?

@SirBryghtside: No worries. I don't mind you hanging round here.

@CaptRex: How do we see it?

Nothing.. because the servers are down for maintenance.. Wakekekekekek!

Got some random item in tf2.

In my main menu screen O_O

Hm.... What did I do.....

THAT'S right! Worked on my trial-version-of-Minecraft stuff!
Starting work on a hell now.

@orangebandguy: I.....

@Portal: I will launch a crusade immediately! The fiend behind this crime must be found!

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