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Last thing you did in a game?

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Various New Vegas things.
Siding with Yes Man this time.

@orangebandguy: Or, you know.......

You could spread your immense wealth with the more poor and more Irish people.....

@Portal: I could give them all away... ;)

Or I could get more. Which is the most likely option? ^^

@orangebandguy: The one that's in the middle, but still very close to the latter?

@Portal: I need more hats for myself.

I am back to 1 scrap metal! :(

Working in Freecraft to make Hell.
It's pretty good so far, actually.

@orangebandguy: And how many hats? 18 or so? :/

@SirBryghtside: SPOILARS D:<

@orangebandguy: 30. 22 if you only count the class-specific true hats.

I'd say you have plenty of hats to spare, as opposed to my 14/6.

@Portal: I have no hats to give away.

You are sadly mistaken :P

Beat New Vegas for siding with Yes Man.
I wish I told Lily to take her medicine.....

@SirBryghtside: Do so and you'll never see me in the same TF2 server. Say goodbye to that help you'd be getting.

@orangebandguy: How about a deal. You want a full set of Halloween masks, yes? OCD like me?
How about Scout, Soldier, and Demoman masks for your two hatless ones?

@Portal: What?
Holiday hats are next to worthless!

@orangebandguy: Check back in a few months when new players aren't able to get them or others want to complete their set.
Their greed will overcome their patience quickly.

@Portal:I'm keeping my hats, and have just got another one.

Handyman's handle. Enjoy ;)
Click at your own risk

@orangebandguy: Oh sod off

[ESC]Portal Maniac has committed suicide

Escapist Highlander match on TF2.

I killed 3 newbies in just one spell ^_^

Pick on the new people? xD

You mean person. ^^

"Gee willikers! My new Chuck Norris file on New Vegas sure is fun! I'll make my way to-"



I hate it when mods don't work. ^^

Tried to install Tf2 on my laptop. Damn thing took 3 hours.

The damn wireless will only work if you right next to the router.

Typical BT I guess.

I shot some bloody idiots outside Novac.

Stupid NCR Rangers :L

I have no idea why Steam games make my router reset itself when I play wireless.

I raged quit

I raged quit

Hahaha why?


I raged quit

Hahaha why?

Noobtubers in Black ops

Got done with Guild Wars for a few weeks over my vacation, so mostly Pokemon and Warlords again.


@oppp7: That sounds like you will have quite a GW binge. ^^

No, got something else planned for Christmas.

Lets just say there are some games I'm getting.

I see....Actually I don't follow.

What games will these be?

Dicking around on Gmod. Managed to crash the game with noclip :L

@Sir Bryghtside: Never build too far away from metal, and unless you WILL be under direct fire very soon, upgrade your dispenser once your sentry gets to level 2.

I got killed by lava in Minecraft >.>

But before that I got a 94 kill streak in TF2. :3

Goddamn, didn't play a single game since Friday. Webcomics...

@orangebandguy: I plan on getting 29+ games for Christmas by exploiting that 3 for 2 deal at Gamestop.

@Sir:I plan on getting New Vegas, and some other shit on Steam.

OT: Had a gander at Day of Defeat once more.

Pretty much replaced Guild Wars with Warlords Battlecry 2.

My Demon Pyromancer is now capable of taking down bases on his own.

Where and why are the 2 spellings of demon/daemon?

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