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@PM: I know, I did check that group a couple of times... damn it was weird...

But some people kept their sanity - just look at Sassafrass. He was an admin, and got seriously annoyed at all the stuff that started going down.

@SirBryghtside: Did Sassafrass even post all that much in the group?
He doesn't seem to have much in common with it.

@Portal Maniac: I think he did, but only in the 'calm periods'.

When you actually look at the group, it's got the Mod hate, but also bits in between that kinda look like Asylum Open Mic.

Anyway, he mostly hangs out in Forum games nowadays, specifically SQ SA and the Asylum Game (which I go on as well).

@Sir: @Portal: Sassafrass was the founder, he only stepped down from being the owner recently because he was getting hate mail about the group, from other people in the group who didn't visit much.

@Jed: Yeah, I know about that, but I talked to him in The Asylum, and he was obviously annoyed at what was going on in terms of Mod hate, and the whole Teddy fiasco. The hate mail thing is just the tip of the iceberg.

@Sir: Yeah, I did too. Shame really, they were quite good people before they got annoyed at the mods...

@Jed: How's it going now? I might check that, seeing as most of the users have left.

@Sir: No idea actually. I think it's like the Asylum again now...

@Jed: I just checked, and yeah, it seems to be a happy place - sure, they're slightly Xenophobic (of the forums), but it seems pretty cool :)

I may join.

@Sir: Sounds good.

Godammit, I always miss all the cool dramatic stuff...

So Teddy got banned and all of Priate got mad at the mods and left? And wasn't Priate basically where people talked about whatever they wanted? What was it like? WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS?!

@oppp7: They're zealots, basically.
They despise the current people in charge and want to destroy them, always being negative towards them and such.

@Portal: Only a few. I think it was mostly Teddy, PayJ, Furburt, and Hub who got pissed.

@oppp7: It was pretty much like the Asylum, but a few got rather annoyed at the mods being 'unfair'. Teddy being banned was the last straw, so some left to join a different forum.

Pfft, wow. I thought everyone here loved the mods. Isn't Kuliani friends with most of the big posters?

@oppp7: I think it's all relative.
Maybe they hated them because what they liked to do (be asshats, short posts, rude to people against their opinion, subtle insults, etc) was against the rules, which ultimately got to more and more mod wrath.

Other than that, I think most of the remaining bigwigs like the mods, and vise-versa.

The only mod I ever had an issue with was nilcypher.

But I won't lose any sleep over it. And I was a part of PRIATE for a brief period but left as I felt alien to all their discussions and seclusion.

I've never really gotten annoyed with the Mods, mostly because I know them from The Thanked group. Plus me and Claymorez go waaay back.

I like the mods. They seem to know everyone here. Well, they used to. Now the site's so big that it gets kinda impersonal at times.

I like the mods as well.
Especially the ones that allow me to fix horrible errors or just improve logistics of things.

Like the Demoman's grenade launcher improvement to quad-cylindrical model that actually rotates.

Quite a depressing read.


Everyone in this thread is a knob head... JOKES!

Remind me again why we're discussing Escapist moderators on WarCry?

Because... we can?

I think we're discussing how easy it would be to break all the rules here beyond the eyes of the moderators. Absolutely nothing evil planned.

If we're just going to discuss Escapist things, what was the point of climbing on board the bandwagon and riding it all the way over here? I know for a fact many "Neo's" don't play MMOs, have no interest in this site's content, and came here simply because they were told to do so. It just seems a bit egocentric to climb aboard a sinking ship, announce plans to repair it - all the while completely ignoring the ship's reason for existing and what the few as-yet undrowned passengers want.

The WarCry moderators haven't shut this down yet, so I guess it'll continue for a little while. But then what? We're not posting enough to keep ourselves entertained; the people who have started to visit will drift away. And WarCry will be left where it started: with nary a passenger or helmsman in sight.

Um, you realize I'm one of the few regulars that were here before Portal told us to right? I play MMOs all the time. I even tried helping this site by reviewing Guild Wars EotN and the first 3 professions revealed for GW2.

Then Warcry ate all 4 things and I mostly stopped caring. The admins I was planning to help left so there's that as well.

@Diagonal Horizontality: Why bother posting on the Escapist then? Why bother playing games then? Why put up with education then? Why even deal with living? Why should mankind not consider destroying the entire universe?

Everything is both relevant and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. How much of either one is entirely dependent on how much you look into it.

Your mom is relevant.

@oppp7: Your face is relevant.

Oh, and @DH: It originated as a question about why WarCry died, I believe. And we've mostly run out of things to say down that road.

@SirBryghtside: Your relevant is a face.

@oppp7: That relevance is a SPY!!!

@Portal Maniac: That Spy is a SPY!!!

@oppp7: The Engineer is a bloody- Meeeeedic!

Yes, but you're one of 80 something members. An exception to the mostly true generalisation.

Infallibly insubstantial, as always.

@Diagonal Horizontality: Isn't that my trademark though?

I mean, it's like expecting me to be not a pervert.

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