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Hello all!

Recently i started a game called Lord Empires, it is a new game which just started out, where you take on the role of a ruler of a city, build up your infrastructure, setup trades, connect roads and build up your military for expansion.

The game is TOTALLY free and was designed so that you do not need to spend much time per day on it, a few minutes is enough and is orientated more towards mature players rather than kids and has a strong "clan" aspect to it.

I have allot of experience in forming communities and have always wanted to create my own clan with a "Jedi" theme, i was also part of the testing team so i know a few tricks :-)

If any of you guys are interested in playing the game and joining up with me, then contact me in game, my user is Master Yoda based in the Australia.

To join the game go here:

Cya there!

Is it a Star Wars theme game? Anyways.. Thanks for the info..

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