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Zombie Survival Scenario

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OK, first situation, the age old house defence scenario:

(skip the lead-up to the quick run-down after it if you wish)

You are alone in a two storey house, you have been there for a day and barricaded all of the entrances bar a side door and a window at the back of the house. The second storey is accessed by a single flight of solid wooden stairs and from there a small attic can be reached via a pull-down ladder.

But now it is night, you're exhausted and in a lapse of mind you simply lock the un-barricaded door and push some furniture against the un-barricaded window before retiring to the upstairs bedroom to rest.

Soon you are awaken by a shrill scream followed by gunshots; someone is coming.

Hastily you run downstairs, collecting your only firearm; a .22 lever action rifle (15 round magazine), and rushing to look through a gap in your barricades at the front of the house.


Then a pounding on the side door, you rush to face it, your gun held ready as the it splinters around the handle and bursts open. Your face falls in relief as a man with a handgun holds his hands up and calls "don't shoot!". As you're lowering your gun he pushes the door closed and jams a table against it before turning to you;
"They're after me."

The very instant he finishes his sentence the pounding begins; the house is surrounded and within seconds both the side door and your crudely barricaded window are broken in.

Here's where how it looks for you:

The Enemy:
You are facing the 28 Days Later infected 'zombies'. Fast and deadly, but they die like humans.
The Battlefield:

    [*]Two storey house [north facing].
    [*]You are at the bottom of the staircase to the second storey.

Your Allies:
    [*]You are with a male who is carrying Glock 17 handgun.

Your Inventory:
    [*].22 Lever Action Rifle.

The Defences:
There are two breaches in the house's perimeter, one being a side door on the western side of the house and the other being a window in the southern side. Both of these are allowing the infected access.
The remainder of the windows and doors are barricaded and completely secure.

Now is where you come in.
What would you do in this situation?
Will you live?
Will you die?

Good luck, you're going to need it.

Great story.. I like it ^^..

Glad you enjoyed it, but you are supposed to explain how to get out of the situation posed to you :D

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