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I am an official representative of a very exclusive group. Long story short, we find it to be in everyone's best interests if WarCry were to return to a semi-living state. So to ensure that this is possible, it has been decided that we will somewhat occupy WarCry for an undeterminable amount of time to help the site get back up on its feet.

Long story short

Hello, how are you?

I'm very well thank you. Had a fine day, how about you?
Also: Holy shit, I'm too awesome for my pants?! 0.o

Well, aside from being blemished by school, it was a rather normal day and am feeling pretty good right now.

Anything interesting happen over there in Britain lately? Like Cthulu?

Nah, though those of us in the Hugs group are being mean to vanthebaron, because he keeps talking about American things.
We have no idea what he's on about!

Hmph. That's just mean :/

Maybe you should start a pro-Luxembourg campaign?

I told him to bring in more Americans, and made him Head of All Things Merkun.

A what?

Luxembourg? The country? You should start being pro-Luxembourgeon?

@Jedamethis: I knew there was more hugs on the escapist than just the hug thread. Top shelf old chap!

Why? I can't be arsed to do anything like that...

@Jedamethis: I knew there was more hugs on the escapist than just the hug thread. Top shelf old chap!

But of course there are! Hugs abound good man!

@Jedamethis: But it'll be interesting! :D

@Dr.susse: Welcome to the party!

The Escapist has a sister site?

Learn something new every day.

Portal Maniac:
@Jedamethis: But it'll be interesting! :D

Not as interesting as being pro-Escapian!

@Giga: I've always been to scared to have a peek inside.

@Gigaguy64: Yurp. Long dead. Hence this attempted revival.

@Jedamethis: Your point being? :P

Portal Maniac:

@Jedamethis: Your point being? :P

I can't remember >.>

Uh...treat? *throws treat*

@Portal Maniac: Well, i try and pop in here from now on.
This place looks cool.

@Dr.susse: Same here.

@Gigaguy64: Good, good. That'll do just fine.

@Jedamethis: OH MY GOD TREAT

Portal Maniac:
@Jedamethis: OH MY GOD TREAT

*throws treat up in the air*
Whosa good Portal?

In Other News: Silly reply button, why do you not work?

@Jedamethis: I'm not?

It doesn't work like it does in the groups.
I've been manually typing the replys.

@Portal: *is tackled*
No more treats for you >:(

What's wrong with good old quoting?

The Escapist has a sister site?

Learn something new every day.

I think WarCry was around before t'escapist actually...
Either way, this sounds like a fun excursion into the great unknown. (AKA Next door)

OT: I'm pretty good thanks, and you?

EDIT: Also, the titles for reaching post counts are way more awesome here. Just as an FYI...

@Jedamethis: *takes the box of Scooby Snacks*
Is that a fact now? :3

Eh. Not many people here as of yet. Seems kinda pointless when you can count the number of people here on your hands.

@SeanTheSheep: It's actually been around since '04 or earlier, I think. Very old on Internet terms.

@Portal: Yup. You can have the crappy Scoobie Snacks though. Horrible things >:(

I guess. Though I'm half expecting people to come attack at some time. You know, like Raiders, Marauders, Flighters in all those games involving an apocalypse...

Nothing against those people though!
Please don't hurt us D:

@Sean: They really are, though it may be just because we have ridiculously high ones...

Cool looking place they got here. Nice, dark, and roomy.

But if The Escapist is for games, then what is this place for?

@Pm0n3y: Mumorpugers I think.

@Pm0n3y: Mostly MMO's, if I am understanding.
*starts building a pillow fort*

@Jedamethis: That's why we have Lily here to protect us!
She's the best grandmother ever!

@Portal: Who? Where?
Wait, is this to do with New Vegas?

*builds own pillow fort*


*upgrades to pillow fortress*

This pillow warfare will only lead to mutually assured destruction!

@Dr.susse: Well duh.
*continues building*

*Hides in pillow fortress castle with nerf guns*
You'll never defeat me! Never!

@Sean: Nerf guns?! Shit!

@Jedamethis: TEAM pillow fortress! >:D

@Dr.susse: Shut up and get more sofa cushions.
I need them for a draw bridge :3

@SeanTheSeep: Ours is bigger!

Pillow warfare?

Are Genetically enhanced humans with Powered Armor welcome?
I promise to go easy with my voltekka.

@Portal: TEAM pillow fortress it is!
*devises rooftop pillow trebuchet*

*Tapes pillows to self*
Call me the knight in fluffy armor.

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