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Never posted here before so....... Hi :)

Actually, that's a lie, I posted here once to get the Forum Vagabound badge thingy!

@Jedamethis: Oh yes, nerf guns. Try and storm this.

@Portal: That's because it's just a stack, not a fort/fortress/castle!

@TimeLord: Did it work?

@Sean: No thanks D:

@TimeLord: Did you know? I believe I am the only person I know who did not come here to get the Forum Vagavond badge.

@TimeLord: Yay badge farmers! :P

@SeanTheSheep: Fair enough.
*tosses a beanbag at you*

I've only been to this site once before and never had any interest in it. Maybe I should give this site a chance, check this place out.

Actually, that's a lie, I posted here once to get the Forum Vagabound badge thingy!

Same here.

Dirty badge farmers, I got mine advertising Pirate and Ninja groups in the Genre Wars forums!

@Jedamethis: Advertising how dare you!

On another note everyone should subscribe to my twitter!

@Dr.Susse: It's perfectly within the rules sir!

@Dr.susse: But I fled Twitter months ago! D:

@Jedamethis: O RLY?

@Portal: Oh yes.
In Other News: I should be off to bed.

As a long time hermit of this site I bid you welcome.

Although don't expect me to bow down before you in your rise to power.

@orangebandguy: Who said I would ask? :P

Nah, I'm not like that. So long as you don't cross me, that is...

@Jed: I joke I joke.

Well hello newcomers. Welcome one and welcome all. Even though all the regulars fled.

Oh, I see that it's started. Hey there, boys.

@Mookie_Magnus: *hug*
Hey there, guy.

How's classes?

Hi folks, I see it's already active in here.

I must admit, I've never posted in WarCry before. I looked in once and all I saw was forums for games I didn't have, so I went right back to The Escapist.

So what is this place, and why is it important to keep it active?

@Sporky111: It's the Escapist's older sister, owned by Themis Media as well. It died off just after the Escapist went up and never recovered.

And honestly, I just think that having a secret little fort out here would be nifty.

@Portal Maniac: Ah, I see what you mean. It would be kinda cool to have this little area.

I've been looking around, and I see a lot of the features are shared between the sites. Messages and User Groups and stuff. Very cool.

@Sporky111: Yeah, WarCry was the forerunner of the Escapist. Pretty neglected right now though. I don't think there are even any mods here......

Either way, it's nifty here.

@Portal Maniac: Yeah, nifty is how I would describe it too *wipes away a cobweb*

Really? No mods? . . . that's a strange feeling, even stranger when you consider I'm more used to being watched than I am to not-being watched

Hmmm....Haven't ever seen this place before. Hell, I'm not even sure what I'm looking at around here.

I'm doing OK I guess....Things keep rolling, and I'm not sure what this is all about. But I'm here.

There are some mods, but I think they only come if a summoning ritual is performed (hitting the report button).

@oppp7: Well, if anything, that'd summon the Escapist mods.

What I mean is that I don't think any WarCry mods have endured the dead age.

@UnusualStranger: It's about pillow forts.
With nerf guns.
And candy

Okay, quick question: how many of the people posting in this thread went on to read some of WarCry's articles?


Hey guys! Nice place you got here!

Remember, those of us without special Pub Club signatures have more awesome ones over here :D

@Sir: Oh yes :D
Much better than 'Wordsmith Extraordinaire'

@Jed: I preferred it when I was Epic'd out, though... :(

And I've just been thinking - could this be what the Escapist will turn to, in about 5 years or so, after Yahtzee, LRR etc leave? That's a scary thought...

@Sir: Yeah, that one is much better than 'Server First' What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Huh. But apparentally most of the reason this place died was because of other Escapists being dicks or something.

@Jed: SF is something to do with WoW, apparently...

And I don't really know about why it died. Maybe we should ask orangebandguy.

@SirBryhtside: I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was that the Escapist made the community feel as though Themis Media thought they were 2nd place and began leaving over time as WarCry's features slowly got sucked into the Escapist.

@Portal Maniac: Oh, back in the 'Golden Age' of our forums, huh? :P

@SirBryghtside: Pretty much, yeah :P

@Portal Maniac: Just found this:

and this:

Explains it quite well. Two sites were combined. They both decided that they were each highly intellectual, more so than each other, and started giving each other internet evils. Eventually, the Escapist grew in number (WarCry was never a 'huge' site like The Escapist is today), and WarCry couldn't handle it. Their users hopped the border, apart from a few stragglers who decided that the Escapist was internet hell full of crazy elitists. And so The Escapist grabbed all the members, and WarCry was pretty much forgotten.

Edit: Ignore that, here's the real deal:


I'm trying to brush up on some history, the scholar that I am :P

Anyway, how exactly did WarCry die?

It all started with the Forum Vagabond badge. Tons of people came here to farm for badges by necroing old threads and posting low content non sensical posts.

Several senior members of War Cry spoke out against this, and John Funk came here to try and sort it out.

A notable member was banned for making a thread about why The Escapist was making War Cry such a bad place. Which sparked a massive outrage. Funk further aggro'd people by locking any thread that spoke out against him.

When the WarCry corner was set up most people on here thought it was patronising and demeaning to them and now they all left.

Thread of reference:

@Sir: Croikey, we must have been wankers.

And I can't help but feel superior because I didn't have to come here to get Forum Vagabond...

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