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Speaking of islands, Lego Island 2 was another game I enjoyed. It was bizarre enough to keep my entertained. Of course, I may have been a little too old for the target audience but damn it Lego defines entertainment!

@heartless: Ah, Lego Island 2... I'm sure I have the disc floating around somewhere. I'm pretty sure you beat the final boss with pizza XD

And Rock Raiders and Lego Racers (one, not two) were a blast. Shame the former won't install, but Lego Racers is still my favourite racing game of all time, mostly thanks to the fun customisation options that make Lego games unique, and Rocket Racer, officially the hardest final level in videogame history D:

The new stuff is alright, but I only really liked the Star Wars series they did. Indy was meh, I didn't buy HP, and I probably won't buy PotC either. Star Wars was awesome for its range of playable characters, but the new ones seem to have the same one with different skins :/

Another game I enjoy to play is this game called Final Fantasy Tactics. Although I don't like to play it for an extended period of time. Like, say for more than four weeks. It has become a game that I have to do speed runs for. If I use cheats though, I could play for much more than that.


Did you read "fro-grope" or "frog-rope"? I read fro grope.

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