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Howdy ho! Who's still around here?

The only people I can really say come here regularly anymore are just me and SirBryghtside over yonder.

Occasionally orangebandguy will poke his head in, and every couple months or so Chi comes on by for a brief while.

But other than that, it's just the occasional Escapist getting the badge and leaving.

Hm. Explains the lack of modding in here.

With such a small amount of people... maybe it's still possible to have intelligent and engaging conversation around here? So long as the escapists don't poke their heads in...

Well, I check here once or twice a week, mostly because of curiosity, you know in case the site suddenly revives or gets more people, which is odd considering that I discovered this place after it died and even then haven't made much of an effort to talk with the 2 guys residing here.
Also I would like to mention the fact that I don't have the badge, I'm only here because I followed a link I saw when looking through John Funk's profile who is supposed to be the Editor of this place, but I don't think he's done anything over here since I discovered this place which is sad because I liked his reviews just because I REALLY like his voice.

I decided to see if any interesting discussions were here, so I guess I'm here now.

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