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What's your opinion on Gothics and other youthgroups?

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Goths are just teenagers who are hungry for attention and make stupid things while they think that they more intelligent than other kids. They make themselves even more fools when they smoke and get drunk. Music what they listen is so terrible that I say everytime I hear that "Put that pig wheezing off!". They also seem to blame you do not do things traditional way and you have invented better and more effective way.

I do not find any good things to be a goth. I have seen so many, half of my school is people who call themselves as goths. Never want to be one, not gangsta too.

I hope college is full of a bunch of regular guys just trying to get ahead in life, and hang out. This whole high school thing is really out of hand.

Damn right it is.  Been quiet while you were away; I check the forums and you've posted up a storm. :D

I have returned with avengence.

Raiders, If I knew you, i'd be tempted to best you in hand-to-hand combat right now. You could call me a goth, I wear all black, I wear a big trenchcoat, sometimes even a little bit of eyeliner here and there. Yes I get alot of attention, people label me a "Goth".  I think it is just a label, I don't know any people that call themselves goths. Besides posers. I am a metal head. All I listen to is Heavy Metal. I wear those kind of clothes because I think they look awesome. Your opinion might differ. The trenchcoat I have looks just like Neo's (from the matrix, you can't tell me those aren't cool). I like to have fun, just like you do. But people always stare at us, notice the things "Goths" do and never notice what they themselves are doing. We pretty much act the same, just don't look it. I don't know what kind of "Goths" you go to school with. But the ones I live with aren't as wierd as they look. Don't flame us unless you know us.

Goths are ugly. Makeup is for women and mimes. freak

I just might happen to be a mime. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I won't hold it against you, I'm not here to meet your standards or your approval. Besides, Goth chicks are hot. But the males don't strive to be attractive.

HA! I do.

Your a mime?

To Clavius Vile

Don't get angry but I live with so many people who call themselves goth, most of them truly aren't. Actually some of them are optimistic and smart but most of them try to be as depressed as they can. It's today's fashion to be a goth just like listening rap and being gangsta was few years ago.

Being goth has lose all it's originality as they are majority of teenagers who are searching their identifities and who they are. Just because big majority of them just follows someone while trying to be unique (with a bad success) but not having their own thoughts and opinions (a lot) makes everyone of them look like an idiot for me when I meet them and if I remember correctly some goth said me that's the point of being goth: having his or her own opinion of things. Could someone tell what's the point to have so much of makeup? To look even more depressed? I don't want to look any more paler than I already are.

My opinion is different in most things and I do not change my opinion before I get some sensible answer. Of course everyone have his opinion in music but why to listen metal when it's so depressive?

PS: While I readed this read I still do not understand to be goth? More likely I would join some political party to spend my time for example.

My apology Raiders. I see where your coming from now.

Yes, many people pose as a goth nowdays. I can't stand it. But there's really nothing you can do about it. Most of those people go through "phases". Where they change style regularly. Hopefully they'll change to something else soon. I don't put much makeup on, sometimes I put a little eyeliner on.

You think metal is deppresing? I surely don't. Sometimes it can invigorate you. It can give you mildly destructive thoughts. Moshpits are a product of both of those. Moshpits by the way are very fun, i'm not the tall skinny goths you might see.

Anyone care to help me out on this thread? 

Ah, yes, that is what I was referring to also.  Here in the Deep South teenagers have discovered a new fad: How darkly poetic can I be?  It's really quite sickening.  All the girls do their best to promote 'depressed' images of themselves and it really pisses me off.

As for metal being depressing, I disagree.  Sure, you've got crazy shit like Cannibal Corpse (same riffs over and over with a vocal style that never varies!!), but then you have truly artisitc and expressive bands like Opeth.  You've got to seperate good metal from bad metal, and I'm sorry to say that most bad metal is from the US.  The only American band I listen to is Nevermore, and their latest album wasn't very good. 

What I'm saying is this: Some metal is depressing, sure.  But not all metal.  Some of it is actually quite good and even beautiful.

 I can't stand those either to tell you the truth. This new poetic thing aggrivates me. There are these kids that just act deppressed and write poems about how they hate life just for the image. As a matter of fact, I beat one of those kids up last week.

I don't find metal deppressing in the least. I listen to it all the time. Maybe it's just personal taste but metal doesn't depress me at all.

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Goth croweds...enjoyable bunch to talk to. Many nights in Dennys after going out I see these kids hanging out chatting. Many good conversations with them. Same goes for the thugish crowed. Most adults dont give these kids enough credit on there intelligence and abillity to care about lifes issues. on the other hand they worry about the stupidist crap "IMAGE".

As for Goths...definetly had to double take when I see someone in all black with black tights and a dress and its a guy =)...definetly made me grin and it was funny in a good way. The shock value on Gothic side is there. But definetly a smart group of kids.

I do agree far too many depressed i want attention types will take the Gothic look simply for attention. The majority ive met are fun to be around. I sure wont dress like them. But definetly share a cup of joe withem.

It all depends on who it is. There is smart ones, and dumb ones in every social group. The goths and wiggers where I live are all dumb. Not one of them I thought was intelligent.

And when did caring about yor image become so bad?
Usually only ugly people say that.. lol jk

I care about my image dearly, I feel great when I look good.
I don't do it because others want me to, I just like it when I got my shades on, hair gelled, and topless!!
Go fitness class! 

Hm, I thought I posted something right after Clavicus, but I guess the forums fucked me.

The goths I have a problem with are the 'fake' ones.  I can't stand it that the new fad is to be darkly poetic.  The girls here love to try as hard as they can to promote a depressed image of themselves.  It just pisses me off.

Now, about metal being isn't necessarily.  Sure, you have shit like Cradle of Filth and Cannibal Corpse (same riffs over and over and no variance in vocal style :P ), but then you have bands like Opeth and Throne of Chaos who really explore the genre and come up with some great and even beautiful stuff.  Just depends on who you listen to.  Oh, and on a sidenote, it is my opinion that American metal bands are terrible.  Only one I listen to is Nevermore, and even their latest album was less than satisfactory.  So stick to Swedish metal for some quality non-depressing music! :D

Your all about the Opeth arn't yah Aytros?
I don't mind them.
There songs are really long, and they are are freaking fast.
The guitarist can pluck a string faster then i can beat a drum with sticks.

I'm OBSESSED with them! :D  I'm actually wearing an Opeth shirt as we speak.

Yes, they're songs average about 10 minutes long, and one is even 20 minutes long.
Mikael Akerfeldt is a god.  He is not human.  They are all gods. :D

i think its dumb how some people catagorise anyone who wears alot of black as a "goth" I dont wear an ecsesive amount of black really ever more than any other average joe, but, whenever i do wear an outfit that happends to be darker, i get "oh your dressed all gothy today".  what the heck.  so, if i wear a red outfit, am i suddenly a republican? Or if i wear overalls, am i a Hick?  people who wear black clothes arent all goths.  its more of an attitude thing i think.

Hell, this Opeth tshirt is black...

HA! I am wearing a black t-shirt right now, except it's christian!!! AHAHAH
Am I goth?

....And all this time I thought the word "Gothic" pretained to Architecture....hmm..

And I thought 'Goth' referred to some barbarians.

Jinxz wrote:

Does this mean gothics don't really exist?[/BLOCKQUOTE]

Oh no, rest assured gothics definitely do exist. What you can take from that passage, however, is that gothics are all phony bastards. They dress up like assholes, because they are assholes. Next time you see a gothic do your good deed of the day and beat some fucking sense into them. It's the only way they'll learn.

You're obviosly new on here, Aris. I already don't like you.

It's healthy to have someone that doesn't just post ideas that he heard other people say on NPR Clavicus.

"There are people that can think, people that can understand other peoples thoughts, and people that can do neither of those." - A very rough Machiavelli qoute.

So sorry if the bluntness of my words offends you're virgin ears, but I'm not going to dress my opinions up in layers of bullshit to make it "acceptable".

I don't care how blunt you are. Don't flame us unless you know us. Obviosly you have some learning to do.

I know Goths better than they know themselves, because they buy the bullshit they're selling.

I seriously doubt that.

Heh, but c'mon Clavicus, don't you love his logic (or lack thereof)?

 you do know there realy was a gothic era? thay did not dress in all black ither. there dress was filled with colers. the avrig suit worn by a gothic man was a wight friled buten up shirt a bage or red cote and a bage or red pair of tights with wight stockings. thay where not depressed drery ppl ither. thay wrote poitry love sonets and many veary good books we still read today. the ppl calling the self gothic now days are trendy kids with a inferorty complez plain and simpel...

Sethern, I love that you contribute, I really do. But do me a favor, and type so I can understand what you're saying.

 I do my best with it but i will be the first to say my grammer is veary bad. iv tryed looking words up in diconarys but that only seems to make the problem worse. but i will go slower wile replying or starting a new thread so that maby you all can better understand what it is im trying to say. iv always ben kinda slow with spelling and grammer. lol its the only real reson i cant pass my G.E.D test. faild the wrighting part 3 times now. i just enroled into some spechel english and wrighting classes but dont expect my spelling to get much better befor wow comes out and we all forget about this comunity becuse we are playing WoW all day :/

Look, why do you hate them cause they're goth? Look if you hate a person for who they are (not what they are), then thats fine, its up to you. But don't call goths stupid cause of a few over acters that get to cought up in it, hell I would be a goth, but I'm a metal head bt nature (ROCK ON!!) and as soon as I get my job, I'm buying a shit load of cains, spiked braceres, and metal t-shirts (not Opeth though, can't find any stall or store that has one).

PS: The same could be said about "Wiggers", they're not all bad, just there are to many (more then goths) that are stupid and ignorite. Oh I love the sig quote Clavicus Vile, I say that every time I play a RPG.

I noticed this sig when I was watching The 13th Warrior. It's a cool movie, but historically incorrect. I love vikings and I was told to watch that movie because it was based loosely on norse legend.

I don't understand why somebody would hate people because of what they are. At my school, most of the goths and wiggers hate each other, they just don't get along. But I still talk to wiggers, I don't hate them for what they are, they'll grow out of it sooner or later, just like many goths will. And Aris, grow up, be a little more accepting because not everyone is perfect.


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