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What's your opinion on Gothics and other youthgroups?

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Everyone conforms in the end.

Everyone is grouped into some type of social structure.  I'm a Geek ;)

Sethern, we know there was a gothic era. Hell, there is a gothic ethnic group (such as the Visigoths)! I mean c'mon, they were referred to as Barbarians by the Romans and eventually sacked Rome! Common knowledge.

Clavicus: Naturally, I like Norse mythology too. Haven't seen 13th Warrior though.

Cracker: Go geeks! :P I suppose I'm a geek/metal head hybrid.

I personally dont like any group of people who pride themselves on being unique only yo turn around and hang out with all of their friends who are exactly the same as them. 


Watch the Goth episode of Southpark and you can get my reaction.  They go around calling people conformists.


Now that I think about it ... I dont like most hypocrites at all, Goth or not.  Oh well, thats just me.

Man that episode was so funny.

Ok, first of all, when you are describing "goths", you can't put them all on the same boat sorta' speak. To do so would be an insult to the percentage of them that are REAL goths and don't do it either because they crave attention or just do it cuz it's a "fashion statement".

there is some of them out there that just give all goths a bad name. (you know the ones) and to categorize them all together would be doing a great injustice. a true goth is an individual that really does not care about conforming into society regardless of their music genre. they don't bother getting caught up in trying to fit in. a goth isn't frightened off by provokative thought. instead they like to wonder about what is really going on or maybe they have their own interpretation.

 something that everyone has faced at least once in their lives is people trying to fit them into their little mould of how an individual SHOULD dress and act. and that is exactly what a true goth is against. quite frankly i don't blame them. so they have the courage to make that kind of statement that no one else will. props up to them. so not everyone posseses the intelligence to catch their message that they carry, that's just their loss.

and do you actually think it bothers them when people make statements and acusations about them? if you do then you couldn't be farther from the truth. if they really cared about the opinions of the mainstream, they would just conform like all the other little sheep out there.

alas, this does not mean that all goths have their heads in the right place. even more pathetic than the average joe is the posing goth that only does it cuz that's their version of what is "cool". all i can say to them is give it up cuz ya ain't foolin' anyone.

although, being gothic doesn't mean you need the whole get'up. actually in my experiences, i've come across plenty of individuals that by judging their appearance, you would call out "prep" or something to that regard. but to actually sit there and converse with that individual would simply blow you away (the kind of deep thought provolking conversation you would usually only expect from a goth) these cases are ones you could only call a closet goth.

so to sum up, you don't need the black clothes, you don't need the slit yer wrists, kill the babies headbanging music. although an intrest in the supernatural usually comes with the territory. to be goth is to simply be different which intimidates some people, but hey, will you be a wolf or a sheep?

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