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I am watching Naruto from the beginning - I am just about through to the end of Season 6 now! I love it. I plan to watch all of Avatar next, then probably Bleach and FMA.

The reason I'm watching Naruto and Avatar first is I have pre-teens who watch with me, so I wanted to start with something age-appropriate. :)

Seriously? Are you watching the Japanese version with subtitles or the watered down N. American release of Naruto? There are some pretty graphic/bloody fights throughout the series.

I'm more of a mecha guy. Been enjoying Gundam 00 and Gurren Lagann, myself.

can't wait for Gundam 00 season 2

Hey, what ep did that whole rescue Orihime arc end? Or rather, when did this thing with the assassins and their wacky katanas began?

Ok new to the manga/anime.. my experience includes Full Metal Alchemist, Apple Seed, Naruto(1st show), Ghost in the shell: SAC, and others I can't spell or remember the name too sad I know.

Does anyone have any information on Naruto shippende (spelling) english dub is coming. I can read subtitles but I like to watch the show not read it. I got a major headache trying to do that with FMA.

Please let me know if I'm just dumb and missed the news of it also.

i dont think the dub will be coming for a while due to the sheer size of the first one (thank you crappy fillers), but i could be wrong.

i was at blockbuster today scanning the 4 for $20 bin, and i stumbled acorss 2 animes, was wondering if ether would be worth actualy watching.
First 1 is "Angel Sanctuary: episodes 1-3" , the art on the cover kinda lookes like work from clamp, or whoever made the x1999 movie.
The next 1 is "Karas,The Prophecy" the cover has what apears to be a samurai mech? (awsome)

i bought them because nether are DUB's, which is usualy a good sign. Any info would be great, thanks ^^

just watched Karas, i realy liked it, even with 1/2 of it being full CG. Thought it was a stand alone movie, but the ending was basicly during the money shot, very abrupt, I just hope theres more to it, i want to see more ^^.

It's a 6 part OVA.

awsome thanks,now i gotta track them down. Going to watch Angel Sanctuary today.

Over the many years I have watched LOTS.. of anime and not being a sheep to trends I wasnt a fan of Naruto or DBZ. My introduction to anime came at the hands of the like of Akira, the Robotechs and Voltron, Cowboy Beebop, Fist of the North Star etc..from back in the day.

Of recent years I have really enjoyed The Full Metal Alchemist,Bleach, Robotech: Shadow Chronicles, Elfin Leid and many others..

There are some truely exceptional animes out there, something for everyone and every taste but It can require a lot of viewing and possibly trawling through not so exceptional anime to find them.

well i just watched angel sanctuary 1-3. Its well written and the art is great....but holy crap its demented. Brother loves his sister, they run away to be together...and the brother is actualy the embodyment of a female angel......its like a Jerry springer anime. O and its about angels declarring war on god, as if it couldent get any more twisted 0.o

lol, jap guys are funny :P (or mad)

and Neowolf you share my history of anime :)

EDIT: btw lately i've been watching subbed japanese tv shows and some of them are real live series of animes like Gokusen, where there is a woman who becomes a teacher who is also a part of a yakuza family and they put her in the worst class XD you go from there.....
here's the site to get them for those that are interested:

(Gokusen has 3 seasons)

the site is called "sars" ? lol thats funny

Soul Eater. Go watch, it is interesting. Better yet read the manga. :-P

Any new series out that you guys have been consuming that are worth my time? Manga or Anime.

I do not <3 Mech either.

D.Gray-man is pretty good, but not great: its about exorcists with powers to defeat demons....

Shigurui also a good one: a very bloody samurai anime (has 12 eps)

also Gintama: what happens when aliens visit Japan in the Samurai era? a good comedy :D

If you are looking for something fresh and unorthodox, go read the Gantz manga. If you dare.

been there done gantz. it isn't bad. I've watched D'grayman until I couldn't anymore and dont' want to continue lol. I will definately check out the samurai stuff though, sounds promising :-D.

oh and Afro Samurai is also good :D same with Samurai Champloo.

i just found out Naruto is dropped.

a sad day.... :(

Makes me sad :(

But, Question- Code Geass any good?

I watched up to 25 or so. It's a bit strange, but a good watch. Nothing very special, though.
So-so, in other words.

yeah i'm watching the second season of Code geass, its as guitar said.

i just found out Naruto is dropped.

a sad day.... :(

Well I hope this isnt true because no one else does this so professionally. I hope this is a prank because instead of laughing im emoing.


Meh... I quit watching Naruto awhile ago, though I do still read every new manga.

Eh, if they scrapped bleach I'd be fine with that. Naruto was at least worthwhile watching. Something to do when you are bored.

I watch both and the only reason i watch is because of boredom (boredom that i have at all times...)

doing things while you are bored still means you enjoy them, i get the feeling you are trying to say "I watch them when nobody else is around". Its ok to like anime that USA has butcherd, it was still good at some point in time.For a good laugh, try and play the new DBZ game on the 360,not only do they stop each battle 5-6 times for the worst cut sceens in history, but the actual lines they deliver will make your ears bleed. Im sorry for anyone who actualy does try the game,it might make you hate anime, and your 360......EVIL I SAY!

Eh, I personally liked Burst limit for the controls, yes, those cut scenes were annoying, yet the game was actually balanced, which is unheard of in most DBZ fighting games. Plus, you can turn those off.

Fear not everyone, it was a troll (damn you Dattebayo!)

u cant turn the cut sceens off in story mode, which you play extensivly to unlock everything, thats why it is so painful, but i agree the controls are very responsive, and "can" be fun, i wish it was more strait forward though like the GT game for PS1. BTW
theres a new Narruto game coming out around Dec. , i never tried the others but i might try the new 1.

Well glad to say Dattebayo isnt dropping Naruto but im sure they are getting ticked off by people who keep streaming.

Latest aditions to my top anime movies and ova's

Armitage III ovas and movie
Sword of the Stranger
jin-roh:the wolf brigade
Evangelion( i advise u watch the serie with is only 20 ep's before u watch the movie)
Rurouni kenshin "ovas"(NOT THE SERIES PEOPLE)
karas; Vampire hunter 2: D bloodlust
Sky blue: wonderfull days
Origin: ghost of the past
Highlander: The Search for Vengeance
cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell
Spirited away
Howls moving castle
Full metal alchemist movie
Castle in the Sky
King of Fighters
Tales from earthsea
Porco Russo
Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury
Appleseed; ninja scroll
Nausicaa Valley of the Winds
Millennium Actress
Hokuto No Ken Raoh Gaiden
The Boy who saw The Wind
Blood: The Last Vampire
The Girl Who Leaped Through Time
The weathering continent
berserk(not a movie or ova but who can really reject the famous berserk)

(heard of these 2 recently havent had time too watch them yet)
Brave Story
Kino's Journey - Country of Disease

if you think theres some anime movie i forgot to add just post it, please dont use chibi stuff

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