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Burst Angel is sick. The story is great, the animation is great, the music is great, the small amount of clothing is a plus =P but in all seriousness, I suggest it.

Gotta say, Chaos;head reminds me of Welcome to the NHK in a way

Haha that was exactly my thought initially :D

About to finish reading Deathnote. :]

how about naruto!!

oh yeah about naruto, Dattebayo is going to stop subbing it since it will be subbed officially legally by Viz.

Lol are you kidding?

this is truly sad. maybe its an early april fools joke?

nope, it's true

you can read all about it here:

it's not bad, we can still watch it with subs you know.

Right, but now we'll have to fork out some mullah for it.

if you want it for free, you have to wait a week

we can watch the episodes here: but all i get is a: The requested video cannot be displayed in your redion damn....

btw i just started watching Cowboy Bebop is it better subbed or dubbed?

Cowboy Bebop was probably one of the few animes I've seen that actually had decent dubbing.

I've got 14 episodes of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya on my hdd, never got around to watching it though.

The dubbing is pretty good overall.

bebop is good either way. chi, you should watch haruhi, its pretty good

Could you guys suggest something mysterious or uh... well whatever makes you think a bit. Something like Ergo Proxy.. or Serial Experiments Lain, but just not as messed up as that?
I'll try Gilgamesh, but I want some more.

Or maybe something funny, but not absurd.

hmmm something like Ergo Proxy...try Night Head Genesis or Darker than black.

Thinking of rewatching Big-O


yeah, many great animes... my favorite series... omg yeah if you start thinking there come too many :) But I personally found chrno crusade & witch hunter robin great ( I mean from the series that go over 20 episodes ).

Just saw the entire series of TOKKO on you tube this night... I needed material for a sig *lol* My I have a headdache now :)

Yo it's Wanderer :)

ya TOKKO is pretty cool to watch.

ya... it has something hasn't it :)

Tokko is great, coulda been longer though =D

never seen tokko.....enlighten me?

Witch Hunter Robin is a really good one as well - pretty good animation quality.

here >

this is episode1 part 1 (1 of 3 I suppose) on jap with eng sub :)

Witch Hunter Robin is pretty good, first time i saw it i thought it was terrible. Way to go English Dubs, mislead me why dont you.

Witch Hunter Robin is pretty good, first time i saw it i thought it was terrible. Way to go English Dubs, mislead me why dont you.

I watched it in English Dubs cause it was simply showing on TV and I couldn't be bothered downloading it. Even so, I liked it.

the only voice that didnt overly piss me off was Robin's

Currently watching Fate/Stay Night, Witchblade and Ah! My Goddess season 2

Fate/Stay Night is a good H-game. The anime isnt that bad either. Witchblade is fun! Ah! My Goddess is always good.

about to finish up Burst Angel.

I was pleased :>

I watched the second episode of Burst Angel ON Demand while folding laundry...I stopped it 5 mins into the show.

it gets better further into the series.

that it does. I just gave Crystal Blaze a chance and im not too thrilled. Started watching Clannad After Story, I hope they dont follow the same path as the movie... that made me sad

Currently watching Gundam Wing (Again)
but herers the list of my favs

2.Death note
3.Elfen Lied
4.Wolfs Rain

Didn't someone recommend burst angel here a long while ago? I watched it back then and it's great. Let it grow onto you.

I'll give it a shot and OMG I love Gundam Wing - cliche's aside it's one of the top five Gundam series ever designed.

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