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Say Something about the User above you! (we need more fun <3)

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You just say something about the user above you, since the user above me is the website...

EX: They made the forums awesome ^ ( n__n)^

Um, hi. You are new.

You are ancient. :P

you are ayogiS,in a mirror **

You've been here longer than Sigoya and also have an anime inspired avatar.

You've registered on the site a day earlier than me. And quit stealing leecho's masterpiece!

You made me a sig once and i still use it to this day :D

You have very few posts considering how long you've been here

has more posts than me, by like, a LOT.

Your sig. is making me dizzy.

Is dizzy from the sig.

Lord Krunk? Your avatar is very interesting... Not exactly sure what it is. Looks like an iPod commercial gone totally right.

all hail Sam Sneed, the mighty drunken master ^^ (your avatar )

Amazingly low post count for as long you've been an active member.

Wants people to talk more about him. Well I aint gonna!

Alright, fine. You know moon? You are girl. Seriously. Penguins? I mean common, you are a girl for sure. We even had that shot of your tattoo and the side-boob.

Likes MoonPenguin's side boob

I feel the urge to yell SPARTA! every time i see your sig.

Thinks my sig is 300 when it's clearly Kratos from God of War.

Thinks I am silly.

I know it's Kratos, i've played every god of war game so far. But he is greek, sparta is mentioned liberally throughout the games, so I am put in mind of 300 when i see Kratos.

Smells like cheese.

You know he does look like hes in the middle of kicking someone and yelling SPARTA. Good eye, sir.

He loves my girly side boob.

And I love my gee-tar.

MoonPenguin is actually a Pirate Penguin in disguise.

Proof here: image
I know that's you on the right ^^

Has made me giggle with his penguin picture posting.

Makes me feel dirty for thinking tinkerbell is kinda hot for a 3 inch tall woman.

I like cheese too.

Enjoys finding peanuts.

Fails to realize that that is a condom in the sig.

Has a weird fetish with condoms

Broke rules of the thread. Strrrrrrike ONE!

(psst, this refers to a post that the poster has apparently deleted to avoid embarrassment)

has confused me by mentioning rules of the thread when i see none.

I like cheese. :P

Kalia is helping me earn badges.

Has unimpressive badges.

Has a beer badge. That can't be all bad. :)

has a avatar of a comic that was new when my grandma was my age 0.o thats nice right?
um classics never die, ya thats what i was going for.

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