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Say Something about the User above you! (we need more fun <3)

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Is easy to make laugh.

seems like more of a gimli fan than a legolas fan.

Is wrong as both gimli and legolas sucked.

is just mad because they didnt make a LOTR spinoff starring legolas and gimli

Is just mad because they didn't make a LOTR spinoff starring a scantily clad smeagel.

has the forum inferno badge

Interuppted our Lord of the Rings talk.

Is irritated because my inferno badge trumps the geekwonder of LOTR talk in off-topic.

will never admit to his warn out collection of LOTR movies. (also my last post here was removed wtf?><)

Apparently a moderator has something against him.

Is on to something, possibly.

LivemeLifefree has a wierd avatar which I hope to find out soon what it is.

Dosent know its a Duck Billed Platapus in livemelifefree's avatar pic.


LivemeLifefree just said something about the person above him. =]

Is pointing out the obvious.
Also, is Asian.

Doesnt know what I really am.

Is attractive regardless of what ethnicity(s) are involved.

Is true about that.

may or may not be a fan of sausages.


Can drink anyone I know under the table.

Is not aware my lack of money has turned me into a bit of a lightweight. Only 15 beers to get me hammered now.

Is right, the food of sausage is tasty. Not the codename for a penis.

OMGZ!*&%$ he said the Pen0r??

(forgive my lack of imagination to say something worthwile....)

Is shocked at my pen0r.

apparently has a pen0r

doesn't have a pen0r.

is correct.

boys have a penis. girls have a vagina.

Is the master of the intarwebs.

finally recognizes my talents.

Is second place to my homie.

Has a horseshoe crap for a signature... i think...

has actualy witnessed a horseshoe taking a crap......i think...

Has a horseshoe crap for a signature... i think...

Says Stingray.

Like me, more then likely doesn't know what horeshoe crap is.

Has an anatomically FUBAR stingray as a sig.

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