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Say Something about the User above you! (we need more fun <3)

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Has been missed by MoonPenguin.

is the 205th person to register the name Resistance, I assume.

should be aware of what Barney Fife says about assuming.

Is wrong about me and the suburbs.

Smells of elderberries.

Sexy mullet man sportin the speedo.

My favorite Leecholicious person

Is far from a wolf.

Is stuck watching veggietales today

Is watching Veggietales by choice today.

Is not watching Veggietales.

is probably watching the Dog Show

Is back from the MMO abyss. (wb!)

Sigoya is one of my friend!

Is lucky to have me as a friend :P

Is unlucky to have me as a friend.

Needs to work on their self-esteem.

Has a most excellent avatar.

Has a albino cat head avatar.

Didn't watch the Mork and Mindy marathon yesterday (I could be wrong, felt like commenting after about a month of being MIA)

Is correct as I've no clue wha the hell that is.

does not know the greatness that is Mork and Mindy.

Is confused about it's greatness if I don't know about it.

doesnt know classic television.

Needs to watch shows that are not of his generation (to lives)
Makes me feel like im not old, and hopefully remembers the days of DARKWING DUCK! (to moon)

Likes the awesomeness of Darkwing Duck.

Doesn't realize Darkwing Duck was nothing compared to the greatness of Punky Brewster.

i loves me some darkwing duck.

referenced an awful pop-culture icon.

Didn't really speak about the person above them.

doesnt realize moon did speak about said poster

Is correct.

should read more carefully

will never give you up, will never let you down

has been Rick Roll'd one to many times

is only a chaotic neutral raven 665....not a chaotic evil 666

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