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Say Something about the User above you! (we need more fun <3)

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Isn't aware my friend's last name is Crunk.

is named Joshua Crunk, people make Taco jokes about him.

is a raven

Didn't correct him how I said "my friend".

has marker all over his monitor.

Points out the obvious,aswell.

is a tad bitter that his monitor has a bit more blue pigment than it should.

Is wrong about the "tad" part, but correct about bitter.

Is just grumpy

Would be too.

needs to lock his room so no one messes with his monitor, or move his stuff to a room no one else goes to

Doesn't know I live in the living room.

Needs to use ammonia, whether to use on monitor or kid is up to you ;)
(note: probably won't help with monitor so go for kid)

Has reminded me ammonia exists.

Is about to ammonia attack the kid.

Needs to bring back the prophylactic sig.

has recently changed his avatar

and is responsible for me finding out about warcry network...

is wrong about the avatar.

is right about raven being wrong

Has the best shelf for dolls ever.


Except for the ones that are dolls. They're totally bitchin'.

Needs to make a better sig.

Has an awesome username that reminds this user of either an alien race, or a brand of expensive alcoholic beverage (flattery ftw, but you really do have an awesome username).

Is new to War Cry.

Also, I spent a long time working on this sig!:( WHY DO YOU HATE IT SO!?

Is hypocritical when saying other people point out the obvious.

Didn't catch what I was doing there.

Also, how's it hypocritical? I didn't say I didn't point out the obvious.

Has a totally bitchin' sig.

Sees the awesomeness in my sig.

used to have a good sig :p

has no sig at all :(

has a point ;)

(yeah. I kinda gave up on them after working on sigs for wc sites I worked on that were shut down. :p I'll think about it again. I've got at least one cancellation proof idea already ;) )

has teased us with the notion of a cancellation-proof idea.

Is new to these forums, but looks quite promising anyway!

Is probably using this thread to up his post count without running the risk of incurring mod wrath over at his home forums (amirite?)

Is right.

Likes to use weird and hip lingo like Werdz

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