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Doesn't realised to be "hip" the "e" should be a "3".

It's a play off of a Microsoft Word picture I saw called
"Microsoft w3rd it typez 'n shit yo." With a bunch of ghetto people on it.

EDIT: Needs a new monitor...

Is doing it wrong.

Hasn't seen my edit.

Isn't back by popular demand, like Chi.

Is vaugely remembered by me from back when he was on the escapist.

Name makes no sense, iron ninja's cannot jump high.

Has crabs.

Has poisonous barbs on his hind legs.

Oh and (since I love to clarify this all the time) "Iron" is more to do with Iron Chef (hence the hat) than the metal itself.

Loves the weiner and the shnitzel... but will settle for the breading.

Loves weiner schnitzel the restruant.
Also, IronNinja, I'm not a platypus. I just LivemeLifefree.

Doesn't realize that the restaurant is a complete misrepresentation of the true shnitzel.

Doesn't realize that I realized that, but didn't care, because it's delicious.

Has an adorable bill.

Has a cool blue thingy as an avatar.

Has the mediocre Advent Children as his avatar.

never got to see the glory days when it was animated.


A cheap knock off of the real penguin.... The sneakypenguin

He tells me to burn things

at his house they are called "little accidents"

Goes against the grain with a brightly colored Raven, instead of the all too familiar black and spooky kind.

is apparently Leecholicious. Bert says so!

has perty fish

Has an awesome username, as well as an avatar of black bears running around in a black forest at midnight.

Should have messaged Wolfkin and told him to tell Andraste that it is in fact the Shaolin Bin Ladin that is exclaiming Leecho's Leecholiciousness... Bert is just reprezentin!

Hasn't realised my sig's limits yet.:P

Has an MS paint signature? That's definitely, well, hum, stylish.

Is/has groovy pants.

A clover with no leaves is equal to, or greater than, a four leaf clover that isn't lucky.

needs to stop locking me in his suitcase and forgetting about me

should stop hogging all the space in the suitcase.

Should get rid of his avatar since it scares the crap out of me. (hate bunnies)

Doesn't know the awesomness of Frank.

doesn't know that being shot in the eye and time travel is never awesome?

ohh uh :-/ ?

Doesn't know how truly awesome it is to be shot in the eye and travel back in time to mess with another kid who'll eventually die laughing in his bed.

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