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THAT PLATAPUS BASTARD BIT ME! swans, pelicans, are there any animals out their that dont want to bite me?

Isn't aware the platypus would rather barb.

Isn't aware that he needs a OH Before the noms

is a master looter.

enjoyed a very weird anime and would probobly love something called "dead leaves"

has 420 posts

Has returned from Hiatus.

Has unfortunately never left.

probebly didnt miss me =D

is wrong about that one.

Is sometimes cold hearted.

Has high and unreasonable expectations for a penguin that lives on the moon...

knows me oh-so-well.

Has way to much time on his hands.

wants people to PM

wants people to PMS

Wants people to scream at each other due to PMS

should get l4d and kill zombies with me

should get l4d and kill zombies with me

Is fun to kill with zombies.

is fun to kill as a zombie

wants us all to glomp him in l4d

Wants to glomp Moon in L4D.

Just wants to glomp Moon in real life.

might not know the meaning of glomp

Isn't aware that I use to be an anime junkie.

is fully aware that I enjoy glomps from anyone, especially 14 year old asian kids.

Was lying as it's really 12 year old asian girls.

Needs some wisdom:
If there's grass on the field, play ball.

Doesn't realize some fields grow grass ealier then others.

Still doesn't have any grass on his field.

Caught me.:(

made moon start talking about people growing grass

Is blaming me for Moon's own liking.

Secretly likes being blamed.

has a festive avatar

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