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Say Something about the User above you! (we need more fun <3)

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Picked up on my gender quicker than guitar did.

MoonPenguin made the lamest dis ever seen on forums known to human and monkey kind.

That avatar is freaking me out... no matter where I go those eyes are always staring at me!

Needs moar L2

Needs to surrender his Neo Forum Award. ENVY!

Needs to find his hazard suit to avoid poisoning.

Makes moonpenguins sad :(

Is a sad MoonPenguin :(

Is fingered by many different people on any given day.

ummm... wtf? man thats just not right.

Doesn't realize guitar is a guitar.

Likes Bruce lee

Tries to fool us by putting "moderator" in his sig :P

Your funny - Stotan

Needs to join us in Perfect World and show the nubs how pvp is done.

Apparently thinks I am an angsty person?

Has an awesome banner and is glad to see a moderator!

Has less than 1/1000 of Moonpenguin's post count.

Is jealous of Moonpenguin's post count.

Needs to play moar perfect world.

Would like a Penguin backpack that my store sells.

Would like to get me a cupcake?

Had nothing worthwhile to say, yet said something anyway.

Hi Folks!

Just discovered this place across from the Escapist, WOW player and guild leader here.

been here about 5 minutes and already on my second post.

EDIT: Hi Skullbreaker, I don't know you yet, but you're above me, so consider yourself commented on!

Will come to learn of the Skullbreaker soon.

Needs to add "knuckles + face" to his post.

is probably lvl 30 in perfect world,sense last time i logged in.

hasn't been on to give me more mats :<

Has just been informed that my wow guild was QQing and im distracted by that =[]

Name contains a palindrome.

is strecthing the term palindrome ^^

is confused about the difference between pachyderms and palindromes.

is trying very hard (and shamelessly ^^) to hit that 9k post count asap !

Should try to hit 500 today.

If had my better judgement from yesteryear would have already banned weiners trying to exploit the retardedness of off-topic forum threads to boost their meager post counts.

called me a weiner :<

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