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Say Something about the User above you! (we need more fun <3)

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wants to summon niceven back to us

still loves us enough to visit <3

Doesn't know i've been busy with new job =P

is letting the real world interfere with his interwebz.

Has 4.5 Tons worth of posts!

Still plays Kane & Lynch =P

Seems shocked that I play Kane and Lynch!

Cannot fathom the reasons behind my disapproval :)


Hates Kane and Lynch!

COR 2000:
Hates Kane and Lynch!

Is being dramatic!

I was more of disappointed. Too much hype, very little substance.

has a nice avatar....

has a nice avatar....

Friendly...... I think.

is unusually friendly....

is looking for a group.

is apparently a looter.

Is a MoonPenguin!

Pretends to be Captain Obvious for post count.

knows about captain obvious!

Is oh so close to 10k posts.

is realy a guitar, when he speaks IRL it sounds like a Peter Frampton song.

Dungeon crawling crazy killer bunny(with glowing eyes)

Has a nice signature.

Is Enraged at something!

Is just happy to be here.

The official Beverage choice of WarCry!

posted a reply to moonpenguin same time as me, forcing me to edit my post to be relevent!

Irks me by not logging into PW

dosent know i was on pw last night =[]

should log in tonight.

Should have commented on Shizzie's Donnie Darko Avatar and corrected him on his previous post in regards to guitar sounding more like Michael Bolton than Peter Frampton.

Is correct about my Avatar, but wrong about guitar refference,sense frampton uses guitar to sing, and Bolton is what music would sound like if it was dieing in a fire.

Has a bad case of lens flare

Does not like being compared to neither Bolton nor Frampton.

(see what I did there? ;)

fails to see what happened to guitar - too much ego clouding the webz

Avid Michael Bolton fan.


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