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Should try to find where Salatrix went.

Eats glass candy.

Eats #$%^ candy.

had an experience with some bad candy.

Is a frequent at The Escapist

Has a rather non-sensical sig.

Has a rather special sig.

Rides a rather special bus.

Is a cholo.

used a word I don't know the meaning to.

Should know that a cholo is someone who tries to be 'gangsta' when they aren't. They're usually ghetto Mexicans.

Likes Mexican food.


Likes mexican food-flavoured candy

Talking zombie

isn't at all worried about the zombie.

Is worried that i'm not worried, but does not know that i'm horrified.

Should go get himself some zombie defence gear.

Should get himself a mossberg 500. Also enjoying genrewars apparently.

Have been seen a lot by me on The Escapist

another zombie...

doesn't know where there are zombies, Niceven can't be far behind for the necromancer's necrophilia ball.

Has a sig that made me want steak for some reason.

Wants steak for all the wrong reasons

Wants steak for all the right reasons.

Has never been kissed.

doesnt know my sig was made by LadyLuck and the quote is from a song I dont know the name of

Posted at 1140 PM

Is a raping penguin.

Is a turtle tamer, and a good one at that.

is a white spud with blue splotches

Has a name that's hard to pronounce.

As an name that is easy to pronounce.

Like Epic Adventures

Should see the epic adventures.

Battles for Suburbia.

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