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referenced one of the best movies ever.

wants his stapler back


needs a new avatar that isnt just a black box.

Used to have an avatar that moved.

seems to be as puzzled as i am as to why it no longer moves.

Doesn't remember that a long long time ago .gifs stopped functioning in avatars during one of the many site "updates".

And is as sad about it as I am =(

True identity is Michael Bolton.

Has a kick ass mullet in real life.

Well not really...
But I still picture him with a kick ass mullet.

Unique individual whom doesn't visit/post nearly as much as he should.

Wondering if Mullet-Man is talking about me, or Nosebiter...

Should realize that comment applies to you, Nose, and Capt. Kirk...


probably does have a kick ass mullet, maybe even stilb, aka neck blanket, aka comaro cut. Im being positive of course, the negative would be a skullet.

is digging himself a deep hole.

would probably burry me in that hole.

Is fairly astute for someone that only has 536 posts.

Thinks a high post count adds "astute"ness.

Is jealous of Pengin's high post count...

Is also jealous of Penguin's high post count.

Doesn't know gman much.

Wondering if he's talking about the gman in Half Life.

has an awesome avatar of awesomeness.

Brings new light to the sig business.

Has a Chris Benoit quote in his sig apparently?

The badass murderer with a heart of gold.

Has a Chris Benoit quote in his sig apparently?

HAHAHA. Roid rage is funny! No, really. I'm not being a sarcastic jackass.

For Leecho:
Needs to bring back the leecholicious sig.

Greever made that sig, and I could've sworn I had that sig but for some reason the forum's playing with me.

Back on topic:
Reno and Rude are awesome. I want to be Turks just like them when I grow up.

as a Turk i welcome you to Turkey. (you need a Passport though) :D

Wishes he could make a sig as badarse as this one...


wishes he was Grand master leecho

has a bitchin' sig now.

Thanks for the sig again Greeverman.

Moonpenguin likes to strangle puppies, just as much as I like to dropkick babies out the window.

Needs to quit referring to obsessive compulsive masturbation as "strangling puppies".

made me lol in real life

Doesn't want to know what "dropkicking babies" stands for...

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