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Say Something about the User above you! (we need more fun <3)

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Probably does know what "dropkicking babies" stands for, just doesn't want to admit it.

Is a fresh new face in OT

Needs to quit referring to obsessive compulsive masturbation as "strangling puppies".

You promised you wouldn't tell!

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Basing off of Greever's quote, Moon has OCM.

Is the sexiest asian guy on warcry.

is jealous of leecho

The person above must love emo people as his/her picture provides as an idea that he/she likes fringe. althought the picture looks pretty cute, I bet he/she is cool.

doesn't seem to recognize vgcats

Has far too many posts

Is only feeding my ego.

Needs more cowbell posts.

Needs to bring back the sig with the girl sporting a prophylactic on her face...

uses difficult words like proplactic when he could have said raincoat?

making me look dumb.....

used raincoat as a euphemism for condom.


Is easily amused.

is correct

Will have 9k posts by the time I get home.

Is taking the smart bet.

has a trained helper monkey that posts for him.

spilled the beans about my secret monkey :<

Happy that he beat me to the punch about the vgcat avatar

Is happy when I beat him.

Isn't supposed to know that

Likes it when Moon beats him

Is a virtual masochist.

Allows domestic abuse to continue. WHEN WILL IT END! LEAVE HIM NAOTA, HE'S NO GOOD FOR YOU

Refuses to help me get the Monster and Zombie tags *sobs*

is horribly lacking in google-fu

Speaks the horrible truth.

should ask moon for monster help.

Should get the Zombie Challenge solved and help me!

(An angle named Blair helped me out with the Monsters one :))

Thinks Moon knows stuff 'bout zombies.

Has been posting for a while.

enjoys ps3 while others enjoy drinking and smoking.

Does not enjoy hooka.

enjoys it 2nd hand

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