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Why do all new games suck?

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I mean there are some games that are decent. Mostly the ones that don't get much webtime. Crysis was good and so is the new version, they came with alot of hype and delivered. Call of Duty 4 rocked, although I beat it in 6 hours. But most new games seem to just suck.

It seems that recently(if you can call the last 3-4 years recent) almost every title that had a glimmer of hope to become the "next big thing" isn't. Vanguard...LOTRO...Age of Conan...Spore...Warhammer...All of these titles made me excited about gaming. All of these titles let me down, some BIGTIME.

I mean, I played Spore for 3 hours...then uninstalled it. I played Warhammer for 30min, the entire time thinking "WTF, this feels EXACTLY like WoW". So much so, that I uninstalled it. I think I played Vanguard for like an hour., played it for like 10 min. I was excited for these titles, was onboard the "band-wagon" telling everyone how kick-ass they were going to be...then was pissed off that I had been duped, again.

I'm not the type to just give up on a game either. I remember calling in sick to work just to play Lineage 2...that was 4 years ago, still playing it. Have been playing EVE since the beginning. Even played WoW for a few weeks, maybe a month.

I was looking forward to Fallout 3, as I LOVED the first 2. But Guitar tore off my rose colored glasses(ty btw). Now, I guess there is Diablo 3...except I'm not 14yo.

Remember Baldur's Gate? That game immersed me like no other, the story, gameplay, everything just seemed to click.

Why is it that the "new" stuff can't seem to hold my intrest for any length of time at all. Is it just me or is this industry dieing? Anybody else feel this way?

I have a $2500 PC(not counting the 24" monitor)sitting here, built from scratch, and I am thinking about playing Morrowind again.

Somethings wrong.

MMOs have caught up to the same pace that the rest of the game industry is now, thanks to world of warcraft. In other words, no new games will be made with any kind of innovation, anything new that might risk the game being unpopular and not making money. They will simply take what has proven to be popular in the past, redress and repaint it, blow a couple million into good/mediocre marketing and then sell it. And people will buy it, because the masses that are being targeted aren't the hardcore gamers that you or I might be, they might have never played games like that before so for them its new, or they simply aren't very gamer-educated. For them it doesn't matter if the quality if the game is lacking so long as they are getting satisfied in one aspect of the game.

I've stopped hoping for a good game many years ago. MMOs had some life in them during those years but now because of the injustice that world of warcraft does to the MMORPG genre, this little niche (not some much of a niche now...) has gone down as well.

Myself, I'm just playing games that I have been for years, and if something good decides to come along, well hey I'll be happy, but I'm not one to get hyped over games only to be severely disappointed later. I'd rather anticipate the game would suck, and if it doesn't then that's great. If it does, then at least I wouldn't be disappointed. Can't go any lower if you are expecting the worst from it.

(And honestly, some of these old games are so good that you could simply build a new engine for them, leaving everything else exactly the same, package it up and sell it again.)

"You sir, are the embodiment of negativity =/"...someone once said that to me. :)

But, you are right my friend. Imperial just called me an "Outlander". Music to my ears.

I say you find some FPS you like and get into that, or an RTS, 'cause with these kind of games everyday you play its a bit different.

You could come play Day of Defeat with me. Capture the flag meets World War II - complete with all the camping you can handle!

Sweet, you play dod moon? What server do you frequent?

I don't get how you can say "Why do all new games suck" when Team Fortress 2 is pretty damn new :P

It was more of a generalization, that I tried to qualify with my opening statement: "I mean there are some games that are decent. Mostly the ones that don't get much webtime."

For the most part, all the games that were touted as being the next big thing....aren't.

personaly im skipping Warhammer and Aoc completly , not even gonna try them, yet i still have a smidgen of faith that Aion will be the new dawn of awsome sauce for MMO's. I just hope the grind is intense enough to shun the casuals. Honestly though, simmilar to what Guitar mentioned, repackaging could totaly work, revamp l2, add in some physics oriented gore,presto. O wait thats what there doing with D3 LOL.

God, Aion was beautiful.

O.o what do you mean "was" ?

korean beta maybe? >< sense the NDA was lifted some awsome pics and vids are going around

Sweet, you play dod moon? What server do you frequent?

My Steam ID is

Oh... source... we don't like your kind around here.

There is one game that has actually surpassed my expectations and really blew me away. Not sure if you guys heard of this, but I'm playing a game called STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. This is probably my favorite FPS to date. The atmosphere, the rpg elements, the story, environments, just really immerse you into the game world.
The game is tough though, almost brutally tough.

It's also buggy as hell which is a damn shame. It came close to being Deus Ex style fantastic, but random crashes and quest glitches rendering the story uncompletable just frustrated me too much.

Keep an eye out for stalker: Clear Sky, i'm told it's much better.

Hmmm, maybe I'll try to find that one. I was a HUGE fan of Operation Flashpoint. I know they are making a part 2,PC Gamer did a piece on it a while back, so there is hope down the road.

ummmm if i may............. Elder Scrolls is da SHIT!!! especially Oblivion

Not all new games suck, but we tend to compare them to all-time classics that span over 2 decades. Of course most of these games will fall short.

O.o what do you mean "was" ?

Saw it at PAX :P

Not all new games suck, but we tend to compare them to all-time classics that span over 2 decades. Of course most of these games will fall short.

True, but 20 yrs is plenty of time to get your shit together. We all must admit that we are, to a greater or lesser degree, graphics whores. With the ability today to render the most insane graphics and animations, why is it so hard to come up with a decent story and halfway decent gameplay?

Seems to me most companies are still trying to cash in on the advances and formula games that came out 4-6 years ago developed. And it shows. We're getting pretty, but as soon as she starts talking...we realize we got dumb along with it. Might be a good mix for the bar scene, but for games its very dissapointing.

I am finding today that I am feeling the urge to walk away from mmo's entirely(except for EVE). Maybe get back into RTS and FPS stuff. The fun factor is short lived, but almost always guaranteed.


O.o what do you mean "was" ?

Saw it at PAX :P

Thank goodness.. I thought for awhile that they had to lower down the graphics quality! Not that I'm saying graphics is everything in an MMO, but I sure as heck like me eyecandies. Yum yum.

Are you speaking specifically about PC games? If so, for the most part I agree. PC games in general have been pushing the Multi-Massive aspect since WoW made billions in a little over a year. The solo adventure isn't what popular right now, go to any game shop and ask their preference: "If you were capable of playing with thousand of other players online, would you prefer it over solo campaign?"

Console developers have already shown us that we could have games that are universally great. Ubisoft announced a new Prince of Persia title to come out Spring of next year and there's finally going to be a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil (also Ubisoft).

I'm sure there are other titles coming out that are promising, but those are two titles I'm eagerly watching.

hmm Fallout 3, Fable 2 and definitely Farcry 2 and they all come out around the same time...

happy scrappy doodoo times to come :)

(also tommorrow Ramadan ends and the usual life continues :D)

if i must say, this world if full of turd!
the reason why for this matter is because people dont drink enough milk
and the after effect is them being a bunch of idiots, and that's the reason why
games today are just a big bunch of turds!

milk strengthens bones, not brains!

uhh? aren't there bones in brains?

Maybe if you're a bonehead!

^ Last four posts = Comedy gold. :D

All new games suck because your life isn't as fun as when you were 12 and you've became less amused by the things that got you giddy back then.

There have been some games where I was utterly amazed by that I probably wouldn't have appreciated if I were younger. Okami is a PS2 game that I remember and admire because it was a good game. The story is what really compelled me to play it through, and there are themes and morals to that story that most likely won't be picked up by the younger audience.

Unfortunately the studio shut down. Thats the problem with the gaming industry. There aren't a lot of developers who are willing to take a chance/risk on new titles. Instead we get sequel after sequel with minor improvements from the predecessor. Not saying that's necessarily a bad thing, just saying that is the majority of games that are being released under the bigger major studios.

New games that hopefully won't suck:

Fallout 3
Gears of War 2

I can say clearly now that Fallout 3 is everthing needed in life!

I played all night yesterday and i'm still at the first town.
and you start out as a baby, quite funny if you see it :)

Good thing I pre-ordered it.

Do we get to see the birthing process? If so, in-game realism might be a bit too....deep.

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