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Dust in the Wind-Kansas

Mindless Self Indulgence- Backmaskwarning!

Draw Me-Sonata Arctica

Boston - More than a Feeling

I'm in a classic rock sort of mood....

next up: Doobie Brothers - China Grove.

The Aquabats - Look at me I'm a Winner!

What a coincidence, moon.

Boston-More than a Feeling.


Some song that i cant quite translate, all i can make out is EXCALIpUR and a bunch of japanese letters, the band is Silver Forest


Exo-Politics by Muse

The Ramones - Spiderman

Stadium Arcadium-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Authority Zero - Painted Windows


Digital Devil Saga Soundtrack - Sahasrara

The Protomen - Unrest in the House of Light

Feuer Frei!-Rammstein

Weezer - We Are All on Drugs

Let It Ride-Bachman-Turner Overdrive

The Darkness- Love is only a feeling

Better Than Drugs-Skillet

Currently listening to random classical music. I believe some Bach is playing at the moment.

The Neverwinter Nights Podcast!

chasing shadows- Down from up

MxPx - Teenage Politics

Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet-Relient K

relient k is pretty good....been following them for a while now.

Blink 182 - Adam's Song

Yeah they're pretty good, their new CD had 23 songs on it. Best deal ever.

Dune-Who Wants To Live Forever.

Boxcar Racer - I Feel So

Scream (Live)- Avenged Sevenfold

Eminem - Stan

KMFDM - Yohoho

At this immediate moment, I am listening to Hello Goodbye by the Beatles.

True Romance-Silverstein

Korn - All in the Family

MC Chris (Or MC PeePants if you prefer) - I Want Candy

Limelight-Spyro Gyra.

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