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Shout Out Louds - Tonight i have to leave it (Kleerup remix)

Master Of Puppets-Metallica

Oh crap. Sorry for the double post guys. Warcry wasn't showing any messages except for this second one.

God Gave Rock & Roll To You - Petra

Straight, No Chaser - Miles Davis

My Delirium - Ladyhawke

Edit: Whoops double post Guess i'll just post the next song

Revelry - Kings of Leon

You gotta be starting something,bad-micheal jackson.
Robocop-Kanye west
Take a bow-muse

I can't imagine listening to three songs at the same time is enjoyable.

ZhayTee - Microcomposer III

Let It Rain - Eric Clapton.

Cobra Starship - The City is at War

Bye Bye Beautiful - Nightwish.

Wanderlust - Nightwish

Spongebob Sqaure Pants

Eve 6 - How Much Longer?

Bloodline - Slayer.

From the album God Hates Us All.

3oh!3 - Saydemup

Bell Bottom Blues - Eric Clapton

Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire LP, Start to Finish

Point of Know Return - Kansas

Shpongle - A New Way To Say Hooray Remix

Enter Sandman-Metallica

Save Our City - Ludo

Keith and the Girl podcast

Lets see if anyone knows that one

Mxpx - Move to Bremerton

Lothloriend - Howard Shore
(From the LotR sound track)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California

ZhayTee - Champion Itchies

Go! Diego Go!

311 - Beautiful Disaster

The Poet and the Pendulum - Nightwish

Rage Against the Machine - Born of a Broken Man

Shirley Manson - Samson and Delilah (terminator series soundtrack)

love this song.

ZhayTee - Absconditus

Sick YG - Look Pimpin!

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