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The boards here actually are almost too bright.
Sheets of paper white can hurt my eyes sometimes, too. It's annoying.

Sir, might I suggest wearing sunglasses?

Oh, I do. A lot. Especially during the summer.
It's around a 75% chance I get cataracts and go blind, actually. My grandfather had them.

Made it myself.

Ballad of Black Mesa-inspired perhaps? I like it.

I like the minimalist approach.

I say you should post it up here.

Plan B.

"View Image" is in all browsers, and has been in IE since the start, not just Firefox.
Figured I'd let you know that. :P Also if you just right click save it saves it as 1440X900.

Work in progress:

That's pretty amazing.

I agree. But you should get rid of the white background in it.

"Work in progress"

Needs some boobs, and to give me the flipper.

He's too excited about flying to give anyone the flipper.

Maybe if a platypus cuts him off.

Ofcourse, you must add a platypus, cutting him off.

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