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You have to make this dude run. You directly control his thighs and calves.
My best is 5m >.>

This is so hard! My best has been 3.7 so far, just can't work out how to do it!
EDIT: woots, just got to 10m :D

Many backflips and headstands later: 13.8 meters

Edit: beware the hurdle at 50m, but clear that and it's smooth sailing:
National Hero

How in the world do you JUMP? I haven't even been able to figure out how to walk! I just crawl...

My 'jump' could be described more as a high-kick-and-fall-forward. So could my 'walk'. All thighs, all the time!

I got 50 meters.

-2.8. what up!

Yes! One meter, come on!

I really suck at this :(


I played a similar game for hours where to keep a guy bouncing, when you couldnt keep him bouncing he usually died in horrible ways.

5.6....and that was on my knees :)

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