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Dumbest thing you've done while growing up.

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You would think so...

I always tend to skip school on days that whatever game I'm currently playing has maintenance. Tuesday with WoW, it was Wednesday with l2 :/

what can i say, im accident prone. Im not as bad as Jessica Alba in Good Luck Chuck, but i do tend to get some kind of injury every day that isnt the 4th or 13th

That is kind of sad, yeah.

heh, the 2 unlucky numbers are my only safe days *not to be misinterpreted to the female safe days for those of you with sick minds*



Rofl niceven, i havent watched that hentai in ages. thats for the good laugh. newest dumb thing ive done, ran into a glass door so hard it shattered.

How man of us haven't done that?

no you see, thats the 5th time ive done it. Those things arent cheap....

Oh, different story then.

I almost put my brothers eye out by accident when I chucked a stick at him like a spear - there was blood everywhere.

Shame i wasnt there. I love the taste of blood.

Not when your 14 and you'd wished it'd never happened. I truly love my brother and that fact that I caused him a great deal of real pain - aside from brotherly wreslting and fighting - changed me a great deal.

Even this Thread Necromancer and Post King has a heart.

I still loved the taste of blood, but the fact it wasnt intentional and you felt the agony of remorse is good. I have a sister who I always fight with because she's just a bitch, but I cant help but feel the brotherly love to help her when I can. I had to go to the Salon she worked at to help her before because her boss was grilling her for something one of the other stylists did. Needless to say, being able to scare person just by looking at them is fun, but she got a dollar raise after that and she was never falsely accused from that point on.

Naota= The Bad ass with the a heart of gold.

nah, i just care enough to help my family when needed. from what my buds tell me is i always look pissed off, even when im happy. ah wells, and as the saying goes when its not someone you love "Its only funny until someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious."

Meh I hate my brother.

I've always been told that I'm in a permanent bad mood by my friends. Sad thing is it's not true, however I tend to brood quite often. I call it my 'neutral' mood as I am prone to mood swings.

I've been told similar things as well.

But there are always some people that make me really happy.
(don't you dare take that in a weird way)

Let's see....
When I played football, I fractured my right foot.
When I played lacrosse, I tore my right tendon.
When I was replacing windshield wipers on my friends car, he accidently backed up and ran over my right foot.
I was speeding down some stairs and sprained my right ankle.
I kicked some dude's trunk lid with my right foot and left a huge boot mark. Mother f'cker deserved it. But the next day my leg was sore.

It seems everything stupid I do has to deal with my right leg.

Stupidest things I've done around women... thats a whole other story.

That we really need to hear :P

Women stories ar ealways the best ones.

Leecho, you must share your stories about your escapades =D

Leecho, you must share your stories about your sexcapades =D


Sounds about right.

I'm usually a screw up around women, dunno how my girlfriend deals with me half the time.


I on purpose piss my girlfriend off. I wonder why she stays.

Why would you do that?

Unless you want her to leave?

Why would you do that?

Unless you want her to leave?

Perhaps he has a sick sense of humor?

or hes just a prick, those arent in short supply in the world.

I've kicked a brick and broken some glass on a table (by accident) and then later forgotten about it and put my arm on it.

Why would you do that?

Unless you want her to leave?

She's just one of the funnest people I've met to piss off. But it's with simple jokes. Like a "Yo mama" joke could set her off.
If I wanted her to leave I would've left her. I've been with her for 4 years now.

Okay, but that seems a little....

If a girl would be willing to put up with that for 4 years, they'd have to be either very stupid or not really mind it so much imho.

Right. Or he has her chained up in the basement. Either/or.

Well, that too of course. lol

That would be kind of scary, I wouldn't think Liveme would be a B&D type.

You never know. Once found a gimp mask in my gym teachers bag. Never looked at him the same.

It's honestly a true story.

Woah. That's weird.

Right. Or he has her chained up in the basement. Either/or.

No basements in Texas cities, or apartments.

Okay, but that seems a little....

Eh, she knows it's just me joking around. Pretty much I grew up around people constantly clowning on each other and not bothering them. At D&D it's just disses back and right, then some role play, then dead children, then back to disses and repeat.
Plus asking her to play Dead or Alive pisses her off.

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