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So the thread title pretty much says it, but what new movies are you guys looking forward to that are coming out soon?


No. Movies suck. Real men get on YouTube and watch Tourettes Guy videos.

I haven't got a chance to check out Gran Torino's first on the list.

I also intend to take the wife to see My Bloody's the 3D horror movie with the Pyro from TF2! :>

I also intend to take the wife to see My Bloody's the 3D horror movie with the Pyro from TF2! :>

Lol! I'd die laughing if he talked like that in the movie.

i'm hearing Will Smith is going to make a remake of Old Boy, definitely wanna see that.

also Watchmen and the new Wolverine movie might be a good watch.

You guys hear that Keanu Reevs is gonna play the lead in "Cowboy Bebop" movie? ....seriously

The 1 I want to see most is "Zombie Land" , the new horror/comedy comen out.luv me some zombie movies. (if theres some good ones comen out alert me here plz)

You guys hear that Keanu Reevs is gonna play the lead in "Cowboy Bebop" movie? ....seriously

Well that's a damn shame.

if the rumours are true then halo the movie

How could Halo turn into a good movie? It wasn't even a good game.

Just saw mall cop, decent
Gran Torino, was pretty good
7 pounds, sucked hugely
I'm sorta looking forward to Push
Sad when your looking forward to a jumper quality xmen but that's what you get in jan/fep

Edit can't forget watchmen in march.

Yeah, Gran Torino was a good one for sure. I'm looking forward in Watchmen also. Halo the movie might maybe maaaybe be cool if they even do decide to make it.

Other than that I'm not sure what else off the top of my head. I'll start another thread if I hear about a good movie coming out.

Halo movie would pretty much suck,
max payne=major suck
blood rayne=suck
Games to movies just do not work well. Changing the format requires massive restructuring of feel to fit the other. While delta halo might be a blast to play it would be boring as heck to watch.(insert any other level of any game in place of delta halo and you get the same result)

I just saw The Wrestler (with Mickey Rourke) and it was really good. It was depressing but overall it was moving, and in bits very funny

Slumdog Millionaire. Decent. Bollywood is maturing.

Slumdog Millionaire
The Reader
Benjamin Button
Gran Torino
Defiance (EXCELLENT)
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

All good ones and worthy of Oscar contention.

Side note on Defiance: The movie might claim it's based on a true story, but in reality they've fabricated the majority of events and actions of the survivors who murdered hundreds of innocent villagers for food and supplies, amongst other lies.

I was disappointed when I watched, expecting a more realistic depiction rather than the Hollywood crap we're used to by now.

More on topic:

Ah you can't expect to actually learn history from a Hollywood movie, can you? It's like thinking you'd actually learn something about snakes by watching "Anaconda".

The historical events surrounding "Defiance" are what they are. The area in which these people lived had been a hotbed of racial/national angst for hundreds of years between Poles, BeloRussians and Russians. The fact that there was killing to survive is a necessary and unpleasant side-effect of war.

The true facts can be found in many places, though a Wiki would hardly be my choice of research material since it's so easily changed to suit the whims of the writers. Better is to research the facts through organizations and books written from a more fact-based, highly researched perspective.

Start with Nachama Tec's book "Defiance" and any one of the hundreds of references she mentions in the bibliography and/or chapter end-notes.

I did actually read the Nechama Tec's book and other papers on this topic precisely, and surprisingly, wiki's entry is legible and fair. The book is sugared up in relation to the actual events, and I was not surprised that she approved and watched over the filming.

Just a note also, the villagers massacre was an unnecessary act of hate, doubt and revenge rather than survival, and of course that went both ways, as these things sadly go.

Well true enough. :) I'll look over the Wiki site as well.

But war is an ugly thing and war in areas where there's been so many generations of hatred is uglier than "normal". *sighs*

I had forgot about the new Wolverine movie....Hugh Jackman is so dreamy. Swoon~

fucking WATCHMEN!

Hahaha, people still think Watchmen is going to be released XD

If it ever sees the light of day, it certainly won't be in March. Did you not hear about the huge law suit going on over it right now? The rights to a Watchmen movie aren't owned by the studio who made it, the owners of the rights are suing mightily.

They're going to have to pay so much just to release it, I doubt they'll bother - it'll never turn a profit having to fork over tens of millions just to get it out there. The market for it is far too niche. Nobody outside of comics knows what the hell it is.

*edit* just had to google to get the specifics - Fox owns the rights to the Watchmen in any movie type format. Warner Bros. made the watchmen movie thinking it would be OK. Fox are now suing the bejesus out of Warner and untill an agreement is reached, no movie.

Its still going to be badass. Ofcourse you would have thought the studio making it would have acquired the rights.

Its still going to be badass. Ofcourse you would have thought the studio making it would have acquired the rights.

You may have missed the point - it might NEVER be released. The only options Warner have are to pay Fox the requested sum of money (probably something utterly huge) or just not release the movie.

I didnt miss anything. I'm well aware of the circumstances and have firm faith that Watchmen will be released.

I am a hardcore pessimist and believe even if it does come out it'll suck.

I thought that about Batman Begins as well, I was pleasantly surprised about that one. I make a policy to not look forward to things any more - 9 times out of 10 they disappoint.

True that, but hopefully Watchmen WILL come out and it WILL rock our collective socks off.

Tim Burton's 9.
Benjamin Button.
Transformers 2.
Pink Panther 2.

Yeah I forgot Transformer 2 being filmed...havent seen a trailer though

Spoiler! megatron is back! /humor attempt

No really though I think he is back, and unfortunately so is Shia the forever sidekick lebouf (sp)

Well duh Megatron's coming back, but as Galvatron - I wonder how there gonna pull that one off, since they need Unicron to turn Megatron into Galvatron.

Unicron will make a brief credit-appearance and then suddenly BAM! Galvatron appears.

I hope there's more robot goodness, not Shia La buff just spewing verbal garbage everywhere

DAMN IT, I want robots beating the crap out of each other :/

Shia Labouefeafjsdf is awful. I think he outranks Miley Cyrus on my list.

Yes....I have a list.

Who's number one?

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