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yeah you know I really love Nightwish for example...
my top favorite cd is Highest Hopes - best of Nightwish (where Tarja Turunen is singer)
just love songs like Everdream, Nemo, Wishmaster and Dead boy's poem.

But also Amaranth, bye bye beautiful & The Escapist with Anette Olzon belong to my favorite songs.

I always search for good you tube videos too...
other cool songs from other groups:

Xandria - eversleeping >
Sirenia - The Other Side >
Leaves' Eyes - Elegy >

well, I always search for new groups who do such great hearttouching songs like mentioned above :)
It's like inspirational bread I need while I design...

Can anybody share more songs and groups beside common known bands (jesus I forgot within temptation (Angels, it's the fear...)?

Man, including Within Temptation you just about listed all my fav bands.
Sirenia used to be Tristania before, no?

To add some more, there's Kamelot in the same category, but it has a male singer and personally I don't like his singing very much. There are some songs I like from them, though, March of Mephisto is one.

You could try Apocalyptica too. They have no vocalists, it's all just cellists, but the mood and tone of their songs fits nice into symphonic/gothic category.

Evanescence is a popular one, but its very mainstream.

Then there's Epica, too, which has a beautiful singer - I couldn't tell you if Tarja is better or not, they are both very good.

Sonata Arctica is very symphonic, too. Has a male singer, but he's good.

Some less known bands are Beautiful Sin, and Eyes of Eden which is very new (I think they formed in 2006). I only have one album from each, but they are both great.

Then there's Krypteria which is very heavy, but has a very lovely singer. A good contrast between the heavy metal and the singing.

There's Lacuna Coil, too, another popular one. It's quite a heavy one and generally has a sour mood to it.

There's Edenbridge that has a beautiful singer, but most songs focus on the singing with less musicianship. It can make your ears bleed sometimes, but if you're in the mood for that, then its perfect. They have some very good songs that are more conventional, and they are all sweet sounding. Shine is one good song. I absolutely love that one.

I can't think of any more from the top of my head, but I'll add some more later.

The only one I think you may like at the moment is

Theater of Tragedy

Its got some fairly heavy male vocals in it but with the female singer they complement each other well.

I had never heard Sirenia or Epica before but I think I've found another two bands to listen too, cheers.

Lacuna Coil is very depressing, it caused me to wipe a raid because of it. I refuse to listen to LC when tanking. Regardless - they are a good band. Come to think of there arent any other bands I'm aware of fitting this genre, the ones already mentioned not withstanding.

Interesting links, Wanderer.....I'll have to do some more digging tonight and delve a bit deeper into this genre.

I will do the same, time permitting.

Just thought up another one


I think its been labelled as symphonic battle music but have a list as you may enjoy it. Some of their songs have that grand epic feeling you get when listening to nightwish.


Theater of Tragedy

I heartily endorse Theater of Tragedy. I've heard a couple of their songs on the radio and loved them.

I'm more of an Industrial kind of guy.

Yeah Lacuna Coil's one I like :)

Lacuna Coil is probably my favorite out of all the bands listed/on display here....been listening to them for a while now.

I'm always open to different genres of music. The bands listed are certainly interesting. I also think the women in those music vids are hot.
Is that like a requirement to be in a symphonic/goth metal band, the lead singer has to be a hot white chick?

Nah Krypteria has a hot Asian chick. So not just white but I think being hot is a prerequisite.

Hot or not, it seems that this kind of genre benefits more from a female singer.

Male singers just don't seem to work for the genre. I was playing around on pandora yesterday and some of the stuff played was blargle.

Ah, remembered another one. It's called Elis.

I finally got time to listen to it, it sounds pretty flippin sweet.

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