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What is the avatar above you thinking?

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This was the hottest game on the Escapist a while back (brought to it by KeyMaster45), so I thought that everyone at Warcry might enjoy it! :)

(I used the search button and couldn't find it on here already).

It's pretty self-explanatory, so just keep it fun, simple, and at least semi-clean! Post what the avatar directly above you is thinking. Try to be original, and don't reuse older posts too much!

"It's not so much a hat, as it is a mobile home for my head."

Too much like say something about the person above you, but i'll play.
It's thinking anarchy, or why don't I have an iris in my eyes

"My sneakiness would be so much more subtle if I were on the moon..."

No one will take me seriously as the midget sad faced ninja.

I wish that I still had my lollipop....

"Being sexually ambigious and wearing this overcompensating helmet gets me soooooo HAWT!"

"I feel so impotent without my ban hammer."

"I used to be animated"

*edit* I THINK

Yes, I rock. A lot. What now?

Yes used to be animated.

"I told her to claw my back, not my eyes!"

"I told him to claw my back, not my eyes!"

Damn, if only I had a torso....

"Mom.. dad.. I'm gay"

"I could really go for a hotdog right about now..."

Damn, I wish I had knees....

"If I only had a fistful of strawberry jelly..."

"You wish you looked as good as this"

Oh, ha ha! Very funny, God! Now joke's over, make me either a normal duck or a normal beaver!

I like rainbows.

"Ugh... what's that smell, where the hell has this glove been?"

"These yellow contacts that cover my pupils aren't as great as the doctor told me."

"Atari 2600 still number one game console in Arkansas"

GASP, I just noticed that my right eye is bigger than my left! And my skin is green! Oh no, does my breath stink? Why am I so self-conscious?!

Oh, I hate having to spend all this money on jell to keel my hair looking like this.

Play with me.

All the blood is rushing to my head...

Hey, what are you doing with that camera? Are you taking a picture? Let me fix my hair first!

"God I wish I had not of passed out on that bar stool in the gay bar..."

I'd be a better ninja if I wasn't so round....

(summoning up the most flamboyant lisp possible)"Now where did I put those silly glow sticks of mine!?"

So THIS is what it's like being a bumper sticker on the set of Kill Bill...

Could you please straighten the camera when you take a picture?
EDIT: THat was greevers.

I bet it's going to be hard for people to think of what I'm thinking :P

The Atari 400 is the greatest console ever.

I wish someone would stop shining that light in my eyes, I can't see a fucking thing!

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