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"Come back to Atari, simplify your gaming lifestyle... you only need one stick and one button... That's what she said... hahahaha oh I crack myself up. God I am lonely, why won't anybody play with me?"

"What're ya' sellin'?"

"Oh ya baby platypus sex the best of both worlds"

"Hey, baby.....Ever done it with a goblin before?"

"Yea, you might recognize me from my last movie...Phantasm."


"These ears get great reception...let me tune in to the game."

"Is there a guy behind me from the FBI?"

"Hey baby!... Am I game controller or a sex toy? You decide."

I got a sayin' "Whatcha gonna pay me?"

My hair is so beautiful. Isn't it just absolutely GORGEOUS???!?!?!

I tore the synthetic flesh from my cheek in my displeasure that my iris has lost its pigmentation......Rrrrrr, angst.

You ever heard of the Loknar? Yeah, thats my little brother...I'm way cooler than him.

"Buy Necro-brand hair care products - leaves your hair silky and smooth."

"Is my hair flat? It's feeling kinda flat. I think I need some more jell"

Thank God that new Street Fighter came out, I've been so lonely. It was cold. So cold.

Are you sure this helmet will protect me? Well at least it came with a cool wig.

"The Phantooooooooom of the opera is hereeeee......"

"So then I said, hell no my fake eyelashes aren't too big."

"Yeah. I'd hit it."

"Free candy! Just step into my office."

Why did I let them style my hair like that?

"Oh dear lord! What are you doing?! Oh, that's messed up!"

"You wanna put it where?"

"Damn, how does that idiot manage to get jam on my face again?! And me with no limbs..."

Love The Watchmen btw.

I'm a duck and I love rocking out!

"I am so.. No I said a vente mocha half-caff, damn Starbuck's douche!.. Emo."

"Like my Yoda costume?"

"Oh my God, you killed Kenny!!!!!!!"

"For the last time, they aren't tear streaks, ok?! It's a tattoo, now stop asking!"

"Argh! I don't even make sense! Where are my legs? Why do I exist? Somebody help me! Please."


seriously i cant tell what the hell is going on there

"I'll show you headless chicken!"

Damn I hope she doesnt recognise me with this hat on.

Hey! I can hear my house from here!

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