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"The sneechs on the beaches don't having anything compared to the St.Patricks blobs!"

"Boy I wish Tabula Rasa was still on"

"Who knew a happy leprechaun could be so messy...?"

"I <3 Watchmen."

"Does this hat make my arse look big?"

"Side effects may include seeing funny colors"

"Ya I did it... I got tired of that f'ing duck interrupting my f'ing club song!"

I've got so much lettuce I could afford to have my bling implaneted into my skull!

I'm such a tease.... I'm naked but you don't get to see anything. Ha! Loser.

"I hope that's not a rain cloud I see. Do you have any idea how long it takes to get my eyes to look like this!?"

"Don't move, Jedi."

"I hope I don't trip and get my head stuck in a wall again."

"Screw bodies, I have wings."

"People say they can't stand the glare from this mask. I for one, can not understand why."

"..I want cheerios!"

"This atmosphere is so dense, the gases are...not breathable. I need a Helghast suit."

"Wish I had some limbs and eyes."

"Why are people looking at me funny? Is there something on my head?"

"Do I need braces?"

"Has anyone ever really noticed how your face feels when you touch it? I mean its... like... wow"

Floating skull, nice to meet you, no relation to the crystal skull...............

"Oh, you like my light saber cheese cutter?"

"Pat pending."

"I'm not insane! It's just that the police aren't very good at dodging bullets and booby-traps."

"why do i suck so much at playing this trumpet thing..."


"If only I were as good as Stevie Ray Vaughn...."

Oh! .........You like?

"Now where did I put that other galaxy..."


I am a pony, and I JAM!

I am a pony, and I JAM!

My Xbawks RRoD'd, oh no!

"one vote for Mccain . . . .wait?"

"Sooo I come home and there Minnie is riding away on ol Goofy, one thing leads to another and BANG!!!"

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