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What is the avatar above you thinking?

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"I'm too sexy for my shirt"
and just to add to it

"I upgraded from tape to dvd."

"If only they had bloody mouse badge!"

"I told him this would happen but no one listens to the button."

"Becareful, I've hepatitis from sharing needles."

"Don't come any closer, I can't control who I glomp"

"you were trying to watch WHAT?!?!?"

"Now where did I leave Minnie?"

OMG! There coming right for us!

Cleanse, purge, KILL!

"Why cant I get this shirt off?!"

Damien the Pigeon:
This is the hottest game on the Escapist right now, so I thought that everyone at Warcry might enjoy it! :)

(I used the search button and couldn't find it on here already).

It's pretty self-explanatory, so just keep it fun, simple, and at least semi-clean! Post what the avatar directly above you is thinking. Try to be original, and don't reuse older posts too much!

Damien I'm dissapointed in you, jacking my idea after they locked it on the escapist, something I still don't understand myself; give credit where credit is due homie. ><

Then again it wasn't mine to begin with XD so I guess I can't complain.

Oh and: "What do you mean that wasn't kat nip!?"

I call this one my sexy dance!

Move Zig Move Zig Move Zig


mooooooooooooo. UH, I mean, quack. yea, lets stick with quack.

You did what with a Bowling Pin and a Turkey baster?!

Why do people keep staring at my chest and taking pictures.

What is he doing with that cat...and that oven?!

I wish I could fly

I do NOT need a haircut, mom!


Help! My jaw locked when I was yawning keep the flies out!

Long Live Necrophilia!!!! Uh, I mean, there's a fly in my soup. Yeah, that's it, lets go with fly in soup.

My signature surprises even me!

Holy crap, I CAN BLINK!!

Someone...*gasp* Heimlich....

why is the image to my right so lighty?

Did I remember to turn the oven off before I left the house?

I wish I was puff the magic dragon

I wish I was cool as Moon

I make and use meth frequently

This is Penguin Alpha to base, recon complete, requesting extraction.

"Mmmmm... I can just smell all the virgins on this forum!"

"hope he cant smell my second virginity..."

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