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"OMG... Did that goblin just buttrape that dragon!?!?"

Go Goblin Bomb Squad!

hmmm, looks like it's going to rain...

"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

Oh, dear me! That new album I put on my Zune......It's making me all aroused!

the energy, the power!

"I'm a little dragon short and stout, here are my wings and this is my snout..."

I wish I weren't just another statistic

There's something right behind me, isn't there?

I can see clearly now the rain is gone

The right side of my face is shrouded in mystery. How many eyes do I actually have? You don't know....

Does this armor look too gaudy?

Pink and black is sooooo in this year.

Why has ever guy I have passed over the last few hours been staring at my head?

chicken chicken chicken! chicken chicken chicken! chicken chicken TURKEY

Holy mother of God, that man just imploded!

"What is this twat doing challenging me?"

Replacing my eyes with rubies? Best decision I have ever made!

"No it's not an Easter Bonnet... mom said I had to wear it to hide my shame."

"If I said you had a good body - would you hold it against me? Wait .. Where'd she get to?"

"I can't see shit!"

im gonna start reading obituaries

"Ewwh! That guy is like totally naked!"

Fact: If you sneeze while your eyes are open, they will fall out.


Trust me.

I feel like Pat, yet I myself don't know if im a man or woman.

Why is everyone giving me this strange look?

"I need a hug."

Why does everyone want to stick sharp objects in me just because my skin is green?

I wuv you thiiiiiiiis much! ♥.♥

My god is that a kitty doing a dance *blinks*, it is!

"What is that MM for...oh M&Ms I could totally go for some chocolate."

"Listen, dude. I'm fat. My breath stinks. My body does so too. I'm green. I haven't had a women in years (My balls are too heavy to hide). Please let me have just this one beer for free"

help, I can't see a thing with these rubies in front of my eyes!

Who stole my pie?!

Look at me, I am a nervous wreck! I am not going to have any fingernails left when this is over!

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