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What is the avatar above you thinking?

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What! Where!?
EDIT ha King of page.

I can't see anything...
Do you want to try myspace backgrounds?

Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

I'll be sucking from this tray when I am here. I'll be sucking from this tray when I am here. I'll be sucking from the tray, I'll be sucking from the tray. I'll be sucking from the tray when I'm here

(Mel: She'll be coming 'round the mountains when she comes. Not sure what the name of that one is ..) your boyfriend gone yet?

tooo girly

Wait till the enemy see my awesome helmet! (Damien the Pigeon)

I just realized I've never once been expected. (Damien the Pigeon)

"I may have forgotten to shave this morning"

That's very irritating... and do not forget to change the edge and the blade ^^

My pheromone sensors indicate that the male would like to mate with the female.

He's planning for his new years resolution ^^

"Using my new DROID phone, I can use Google maps to find the nearest cantina!"

'I have no avatar, I am blank faced evil!'

'I'm not sure why this is orange, why can't it be pink?'

I thought it was about the Avatar movie..

"To have an avatar or not. That is the question. The answer is no."

"Who's too sexy for his suit?" *dazzling smile*

It's thinking
'I hope I wake up in the year 2010 so I can be colored AND rendered in HD'

Snoopy needs a new HD movie. :D

Do you like my hair dyed red?

I'm gangsta and everyone loves me for it.

I can't read fine print due to having no eyes.

How am I supposed to put this thing on?

Thats one sexy dude above me.

"You know, if I wore this hat straight, I wouldn't run into everyone on my right."

"You should see what I look like from the front!"

"Why did I paint my ceiling brown?"

"drive me!!!!!"

"Crystal Meth: One hell of a drug!"

"And why did I paint my face white?"

"I want to go to the moon!"

"I wanna cast Magic Missile."

I think it is the avatar that is good and the various avatar is on the site so it is for the best that is avatar.thank you.

"Want to get-on Google's first page and loads of traffic to your website?
Hire a SEO Specialist from Ocean Groups  seo pecialist "

Solipsism(sic?). 0-dimensional objects only believe in themselves.

And I fight persians and lick myself? Of course I can! I'm Spartan Dog!

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