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What is the avatar above you thinking?

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Did I remember to wear my gang colors today?

"Which panties did I put on this morning... I thought I put on the silk ones, but these are really stuck in my crack... I must have put on my leather thong! That's what I did. Okay."

Wait, do I say what MY avatar is thinking?

"I wonder what's for dinner..."

Why won't my hair stop changing? It's making me look mournful with flowers and other greenery.

"I hate that bluebandguy..."

I've changed back from some weird furry thingy.

"I really hope I don't have to think up something else for that weird yellow 4 picture avatar."

What are these four pictures from? Guild Wars?

"I'm going to kill the signature. No one will ever know it was me..."

I'm going to use a kryptonite meteor, because that's the only thing that can hurt an orangebandguy!

"And after that I'll get those bastard badges."

Those badges will be mine!

"I'm actually an orc under this suit."

"I'm just a four split personality. They'll never know what's coming for them..."

Oh, come on! This eats posts too?!
Sorry for the double post...

Well, better make good use of it, then.

"Your balls are showing."

As soon as you look away I'm gonna steal that candy I can see.

I am a steering wheel, and therefore can't think.

"My gang sign is a citrus fruit."

I need more frames per second!

So...tired...Been driving so long...

Yu-Gi-Oh aint got nothing on my Egyptiness!

Man, I hope I can outrun those cops.

Oh, the pain! Being sliced in four stings something awful!

I am Thor, god of thunder!

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