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How many times have you got lost even with a map and how epic was it

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Ill start with one of the times when i was 14 and got lost when i was 2 blocks away from my house. And just because it was epic, I had a job interview today, i left 2 hours early to get there, got to the general area of the building, (45 miles away mind you) about 45 minutes until i had to be there. I end up being 30 minutes late because i was just so epically lost that i could not for the life of me find the place. Oddly enough, they are still considering me for the job.


Nice find, Chi!

nice find indeed. made me think of how i actually am with maps =P

I love The above strip is probably one of my favorites from it.

I love the compiling one the most.
(No map)
Well, this isn't me, but onetime my grandmal was driving us from somewhere to her house and she asked "Where's Grand Priarie?" and she got in an accident. We constantly make fun of her about that, as she forgot which way to her house.
Now, with us(my brother, I, and our friends) we got directions from our house to P.F. Changs then to GameWorks as they were both very far away and didn't know exactly where they were. When we were going to P.F. changs we got confused as MapQuest said,"turn left" at one point then "make a slight left". Then there was the part where it told us to get off the high way and turn onto a street that was gone, never existed, or something. We magically found our way to P.F. Changs then managed to find our way to GameWorks. The way home was a breeze, luckily.
(wrong map)
And for a third one.
My cousin had died so we had to drive out to GreenVile,TX. My mom doesn't like driving out in the country as she freqeuntly gets lost, so she had me print out directions. We got to the funeral all right, then to my uncle's house for the reception. Well, the front parking was filled so we had to park in the back of his house. You'd think this wouldn't make a difference, as we didn't either. The back of his house was an two car lane road surrounded by forest for miles. Well, our directions back were from the front of the house, which litteraly didn't do anything for us. After miles of driving on this road we had to choose between a left or right turn. My mom guessed at random and luckily she chose right. As after an hour of driving on the road we found non-forest road and managed to get to the high way. We were on that one road for almost 2 or 3 hours.

Lol, the compiling one is great also.

On topic, I get lost constantly with maps/directions and without, but it's never amounted to anything epic yet.

I tend not to get (physically) lost most of the time. I did get lost one time when I was hiking, though. Took me two hours to get un-lost.

It's actually rather fun to meander around Vancouver without a map. I found a place called Jopa Dog, they serve the best fried anything in the world.

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