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Most insane scroller?

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Some time ago, a friend of mine recommended a scroller to try, called Tohou. That game is so insane I couldn't finish even the first stage of the first level. Now I've stumbled upon this video that shows the bonus stage after you finish all the others in the first level.
It starts a bit slow, but wait till it gets to the boss.

WTH? That is ridiculous! Gratz to him.

Wow, even with that video I don't think I'd have a chance of completing that.

What the sh+t?!


i think he has bullet time irl

I'd have been in 15 seconds.

That is incredible skill.
And the song at the beginning is pretty sweet.

Whew- now I understand why they call it a manic shooter. It made me feel funny, watching all those bullets flying around on the screen while the little guy (ship?) was constantly moving in tiny, tiny amounts to avoid them....

It just made me go, 'Whoa- that's some crazy stuff.'

Who edited my post? Shplust makes no sense at all.

I like hot wieners.

-mod edit-

Touhou is an incredibly awesome anime/manga series (think magical school girls with DBZ type planet-rending attacks) and yes that game is f***ing impossible I gave up after 15 minutes.

(think magical school girls with DBZ type planet-rending attacks)



(think magical school girls with DBZ type planet-rending attacks)



I do like hot weiners.

Preferably with chili.

Mmmmm (footlong) chili-cheese coneys....dammit >.< now I want Sonic and the closet one is in fucking Vegas!!!

Moon: I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Call me!

sonic 3 blocks from here,but there dumpster is probably cleaner then the kitchen. Guess thats what adds to the flavor.

Ewwwww, gross!

Sounds about like the sonics here.

Sounds like most fast food places.
But nothing's worse than a kitchen at a Chinese place. They're nasty.

I want some Pop-eyes spicy chicken strips...I'm f-ing hungry.

Touhou's bosses are extremely difficult, but if you're looking for difficult stages to master, I highly recommend Ikaruga.

Also, this looks similar but more difficult than Touhou 6 and 8, so you should try those out if you want a slightly-toned down version. They're still extremely hard, though. ^^;

Very impressive, though I found this guy's videos somewhat more entertaining for some completely retarded reason.

And on a similar note, has anybody seen 12 Kingdoms? Is it worth my time?

This thread needs more D'Su.

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