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Need to get a cheap laptop

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I'm looking to buy a cheap, cheap (no more than $200), laptop. It can be second-hand. And in Canada. Anyone know of a place they do that?

The dump.

Craigslist. Depending on where you live, there is usually a quite a selection.

I'd say pretty much what all the users above me said. eBay, and Craigs List.

Ebay will prolly give you more selection.

But, with Craigslist you are usually dealing with people in your local area. And I find that being able to show up at somebodies house if they sell you a P.O.S. has a way of keeping 'em honest. :)

Most Craig List ads here are P.O.S.. If you look around the 'net you'll be able to find some.

As long as you understand that it's not going to be very good, I'd check Craigslist and Ebay. Or you could try Freecycle, since the quality isn't the most important issue.

Why're you looking for such a cheap laptop?

Find a laptop yet, Guitar?

No, not yet. I need it to be able to browse internet and at least run some rudimentary applications while my PC is busy, or vice-versa. I'm thinking at this point I might as well just build a box (minus the box) for $200 and get a bigger kick than what a laptop at that price could provide. But then I'd need a new monitor.

CraigsList, people give away monitors for $5 and sometimes free.

Had a guy down here giving away 30 free CRT monitors from where he upgraded his office to LCDs.

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