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who is this artist?

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I found this pic in a email, and i would like to know where to find more work from the same artist.


Wow, that's some amazing artwork there.

isent it? but info would be nice =p

And where had this email come from?

A small clue, notice the signature "SK" engraved on the stone in the lower right.

I don't really think you'll get info as getting random art info is hard to do on the 'net.

damn, keen eye you have there Guitar ^^. Well the email was the daily digest, but i say " random" because part of those emails are the user submitted pics. I noticed this pic and went to the users picture area, but there were no captions aside from "demon" and his other hosted images were not related in anyway.

As far as the artist, and my expectations to uncover who it is, I assumed this style was pretty unique, and was hopeing this was part of something mainstream, like a D&D artist or something along those lines.

The style is distinctive, but a tad useless without any leads to compare it to. I had a hunt around using the initials on the gravestone (could that first letter be a J instead of an S?) but turned up nothing. Some similar artists, but none that had quite the same style.

Copy us the location/website of the original work and it would probably be easier to find out who the artist is.

as i mentioned in my last post, it was part of the random "user submited" images on, where anyone cant post anything.
In the case of this image. the user had no links or info regarding the source, and his other hosted images were in no way related to this 1. I guess i could troll threw the image section till i find the image again, and message the user.
I made this thread when a friend was at my house asking about the image, and I assumed with the vast amounts of fantasy enthusiats on this site, that the image might be popular enough to be easily identified.Alas, its still a mystery, ill go try and track down that user now.

If you find out let us know, I'd like some of this person's work.

So that was a J after all.

sigoya you are a genius.

John Kearney - The Fallen

Artist's site:

Work samples:

I think I have seen some of his artworks on the concept art forums... dont remember where exactly.

Nice job Sigoya!

I find the title for the 4-12 post hilarious.

That is really cool, that guy, whoever he is, is really talented.

Nice job Sigoya, you never fail to amaze me.

I'm a regular at and a bunch of other CG sites as part of my illustration and graphic design work.

Kearney happened to be one of the artists I follow :)

LoL It's like a High Def.Peter Griffin.

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