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The hypocrisy of the media = luls

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So it seems this hack journalist was a little pressed for story ideas, so she decided to make a few baseless claims.

Story goes that there was a school shooting in Ireland about 13 years ago (before it became all the rage to shoot up schools), the kids involved were all very young, between 5 and 8 years old I believe. Now some of those kids have begun to turn 18 so the media can report on them and in the journalistic equivalent of "FIRST" posts on message boards, she hopped in with a story about how these 18 year olds are legally purchasing and consuming alcohol at their leisure and mentioning it on facebook.

Sadly, she also has a facebook, so one clever individual added her as a friend and took a load of quotes and images of her out of context to prove she's not the only one who can do it.

The result is rather amusing.

Wait, children under 18 are un-touchable in UK?
Jesus, we've had school shootings with 7 year olds and it was a media circus.

Though, that is pretty great. People need to do this often.

Under 18s are protected by the Juvenile Act something something. Can't report their identities.

Wow, I wish America had that or if we do someone enforced it.

The media can't print the names of under 18s and after the Dunblain shootings, all media outlets signed what was essentially a gagging order (though they all signed willingly) stating they wouldn't run any articles on the survivors untill they hit 18.

It's such old news now most papers wouldn't bother running stories - they're content to let the kids live their lives, plus they generally still respect the order and won't bring up such a painful event for a lot of individuals.

This woman just felt that now she's legally able to do a story, she should make it as hate-filled as possible.

She seems American.
So that's how a self-country diss feels.

Journalistic integrity, woo!

I think she's originally Norwegian or something to that extent.

Well I was saying she has the spirit of an American. You know uncaring of others and all the other such bad stereotypes we Americans get.

Looking this up - it's nearly 13 years TO THE DAY since the shootings - she probably had this all penned out and ready to go the second it was legal. I think with the attention that article could throw up the newspaper running it may print a retraction.

What comes to my mind is, why an attack on the survivors? We don't go back an attack Columbine kids, except with Super Columbine Massacre.

Because the Express is a giant scaremonger of a paper who get outraged at the smallest thing.


NOT THE MONOCLE! Hell, when teens drink here papers don't care. I'm talking like 14 and such, and our drinking age is 21.

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