Champions Online: Exploring VIPER's Powers

| 23 Apr 2010 14:43

The Serpent Lantern adventure pack is set to release soon for Champions Online players. The new pack will give players a new look at VIPER and make some changes as well. Read more below:

While always a deadly threat to normal law enforcement, Viper has long been a relatively easy target for super humans, never quite able to match their power, training, or resourcefulness. Consequentially, Viper has always been seen as something of a punching bag by the hero community.


Times are about to change.

In the late Nineties, VIPER "kidnapped" Doctor Park Lee-Wen from North Korea. After granting him a laboratory with state of the art tools and an unlimited budget, he applied his genius to the improvement of VIPER small arms to devastating effect. As a result of his work, all variants of VIPER's energy weapons - Photonic, Plasma, and Pulson, now deal significantly more damage in standard fire modes.

The improved weapons rapidly saw wide distribution, not only among Viper agents, but to the soldiers of ARGENT and other villainous groups, who purchased them at a steep premium, further funding VIPER's improved efforts at research.

Fortunately for the forces of justice, those few samples that have been taken from Viper agents have yielded their secrets to UNTIL's researchers, somewhat evening the odds. Unfortunately, considering how badly out manned and outgunned UNTIL already is compared to VIPER, this comes as cold comfort.

(Many henchmen of many different enemy groups... most anyone who uses high tech pistols or rifles... will do more damage their maintained, normal, NON SHTICHT attack.)

Read more about the other changes coming by heading to the link above.

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